Corona Virus Quarantine Day #367: Fiona’s Corona Quarantine Breakdown: March 30, 2021:

I’ve finally made it through all the kiddos. Yet to come Bryan’s and my final corona virus lock down post. Should be fun to wrap it all up!

According to Fiona her favorite part of being home and not being able to go anywhere was going to the river and exploring things there.

The other activities that were at the top of the list was swimming in the pond (again x5 gross), playing in the barn and the long bike rides we went on as a family.

“Getting Gigi was the most exciting thing that happened to us during quarantine. She was so fast, cute, cuddly and funny when she tripped over her long legs.” She’s not wrong about that. She certainly brought about the excitement.

When we talked for awhile about all the things we did during corona, like painting projects, scavenger hunts, going to the lake together Fiona said “wow mom, we did a lot of stuff!” Right you are. As I said before, when we look back at this time in 10 years we will be so grateful for the time we had to slow down and hang out as a family without all the other distractions of daily life.

Of all the new foods we made Fiona said the shrimp pasta was her new favorite. Her favorite sweet treat “is too hard to pick…I’d say everything that was an option. There were so many good ones I can’t pick. “

Fiona said she liked homeschool because we were home and we got more time to play and that she didn’t like it because we didn’t get to see our friends (this was a common theme). She went on to say, “when we found out we were going back to school full time after so much time off I was really happy because I got to see my new teacher and my friends. Real school with the Corona virus is different because of the space and masks. I hate the masks because it’s hard to breathe and I want to see people’s faces.”

You and me both sister! You and me both.

I never felt scared during Corona virus for me I just knew I didn’t want to have Gaga get it.

I’m grateful, as their mom, that none of the kids seemed to feel real fear about the virus and the lock down. I can’t imagine how I would have responded as a child. I’m glad I didn’t have to figure it out. Bryan and I tried very hard to keep them busy and engaged. It’s hard not to have fun when you are a kid and you have a bunch of siblings and cousins that live less than a mile away to play with everyday. Not to mention a barn to play in, a pond to fish and swim in, a pool to use at our cousin’s house and all kinds of toys like bikes and roller blades and every sporting device under the sun. We are so grateful!

One of the main things we discussed together was how fortunate they are that they have each other. We talked about kids that were only children or just had one sibling not close to them in age how much harder quarantine must have been for them (and their parents). There was never a shortage of people to talk to, play a game with or play sports with here.

It truly was the highlight for the kids when it came right down to it.

Here are a few of Fiona’s highlights!



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