Corona Virus Quarantine Day #366: Ellen’s Corona Break Down: Sunday, March 28, 2021:

I took a break from my computer this weekend for many different reasons, but mainly because I was super busy. So…I was finally able to get Ellen’s corona virus breakdown so that I can wrap this year (and a little bit extra) of cataloging our lives amidst a pandemic done!

Ellen’s highlights of the stay at home order were all the hikes we went on, swimming in the river (if my memory serves, she was terrified to do it but in pure Ellen fashion she gutted her way through it), swimming in our pond (really wish all of our kids didn’t love this so much), going to the lake and getting Gigi.

When I asked her if she could only pick one thing we did she said it was definitely getting Gigi because she was so cute and so sweet.

As for homeschool the first thing Ellen had to say was “I really don’t like zoom.” You and everyone else Ellen, you and everyone else! She did like that we were done so early and that we had more time to paint, play sports, hike and swim. When I told her we were going back to school in the fall she was excited because that meant she got to be around her friends again.

As for the new foods we tried Ellen isn’t the most adventurous eater but she really liked the shrimp Alfredo pasta we tried. Her favorite sweet treats were the cranberry orange scones (I think on part because it was accompanied by a tea party) and of course the chocolate chip monster cookies.

Overall Ellen said she never felt scared but didn’t like that they didn’t get to leave the house for months. The best part of being stuck at home was “spending so much time with my family and all the extra time I had to read.”

And read she did. A lot.

Ellen is such a calm child and so agreeable so she was often the helper when it came to Fletcher and his school work or just keeping an eye on him when I was zoom teaching and Daddy was on a meeting.

Ellen said she’s really ready “to be done with masks,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Some of Ellen’s favorite Corona virus memories….



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