About the Blogger

My name is Nancy Dorsey. I am a mom of 5. Finley, Ellen and Cooper are our triplet’s that just turned 7. Fiona is 5 and Fletcher is 2. We have a dog, Zoey, who was my first baby. We have a cat, Cutie Pie. I didn’t pick that cat or that ridiculous name. That’s a story for a different day. I am a History teacher and volleyball coach. I’m a Jayhawk and I am passionate about everything I do. I am married to Bryan, who is the best man I’ve ever known and we live with our five kids, two pets and my mother, Ellen, also known as Gaga. We are trying to raise good, kind, thoughtful human beings that aren’t buttheads. There are too many of those in this world. This blog was started for that reason! I will write about all things awesome, ranging from mundane, ordinary daily awesome things to insanely hard to believe awesome things. I want this to be a reminder to me, our kids and whoever reads this that goodness surrounds us everywhere…we just need to keep our eyes open.