Fletcher Matthew Dorsey is 6! March 31, 2021:

I know everyone says it goes fast, but truthfully, when you are in the trenches it doesn’t feel that way. Then, suddenly, you baby is 6. I seriously cannot believe this.

As I looked at pictures to use to celebrate my sweet boy I was reminded at how much fun this little boy is and how he brightens this world with his crazy hair, insanely blue eyes and his dimpled smile. Those that know him best understand his obsession with animals, rocks, finding skeletons and his cousins. They know that he’s loved animals from the moment he could recognize them.

From the good ole days where he’d run around the house naked trying to catch Cutie Pie (our cat) or from the weekly, sometimes daily trips to Deanna Rose where he’d open mouth kiss the goats, even when I asked him not to. From the jaunts to the zoo where he would talk to all the animals like they were his friends. He’s our animal whisperer. He still goes between being a zoologist and a dinosaur bone digger upper, or for those of us that know the term, an archeologist when he grows up.

His love of animals must be why he loves to go over to our neighbors whenever I’ll allow it because they have goats, a pig, a pony, horses, dogs and cats. It must also explain how every single time we go into the woods on a hike he finds a skeleton. Those same skeletons are next to his bed right now.

This may also be why the only things he said he wanted for his birthday was a zoo pass and a lizard. I’m happy to report we could deliver on at least one of those things, and no, it isn’t the lizard.

He loves to be outside more than anything and swimming is his most favorite activity. That’s a good thing because when there is water involved, this kid is like a fish. He quite literally taught himself how to swim by watching his siblings and he could simply not be left behind.

His favorite food on Earth, much to my dismay, are chicken nuggets and french fries and when he gets to have a lemonade it’s like the greatest day ever.

He loves all music, always has. As a little boy if I’d play tunes I could see him dancing in his car seat. Now he requests songs like “Don’t Touch My Truck” (thanks Logan Gile), “I’m Too Sexy” (this one is my fault), “Who Let the Dogs Out,” and “Diarhea” by the Toilet Bowl Cleaners (a personal favorite in our house…seriously try to listen to it and not laugh).

He is a collector of crap, he loves little things like kazoos and big things like marble rocks the size of a dinner plate (both of which are in his room right now).

He is absolutely fearless. I will never forget his ride on the Tower of Terror at the ripe age of 4 where he almost flew out of his seat and all you could hear was his infectious giggles and him saying over and over “this is awesome.” Meanwhile several of his siblings were a nervous wreck.

His fearlessness is why he doesn’t like the word “no” very much and it is also the cause of several of the grey hairs on my head.

He is a friend to all people and not afraid to compliment strangers on their nice hair or cool shoes. He can make conversation with anyone, which is so amazing because for over 2 years, he said almost nothing. Just recently on our trip to Arizona he made friends with an older gentleman in the hot tub. His name was Walter, they had a nice chat.

He’s incredibly smart and has the comprehension and vocabulary of someone well beyond his years but his interest in reading a book by himself is next to zero. While I find that wildly frustrating, I am trying to be patient and just enjoy that he prefers I read him all his books. Every night it’s like I become a hostage negotiator with how many books this kid wants to read…at some point, you must sleep child!

He’s mischievous. Let’s not forget the time we thought he had been kidnapped or lost in the woods for nearly an hour and the entire time he was in the back of the van laying under the bags for good will. Did I mention we were driving this same car around screaming his name in panic? That was fun.

But…no matter how naughty he has been or what shenanigans he’s been up to he always wants mom to read him books and put him to bed. He usually wants me to stay and snuggle him and when I leave he says (in the sweet high voice of his) “I love you mommy, goodnight.”

He knows how to melt a heart and he already understands the power of his dimples. So ladies, look out.

Today in the car he wanted to jam for his birthday and as I started my usual car dancing routine most of the kids laughed, rolled their eyes or refused to join in. Not. my. Fletcher. He was moving in his car seat and singing along. When I told the kids that they would one day appreciate my dance moves and singing skills Fletcher replied “Mom, I always appreciate you.”

Ugh. He kills me. He’s 6 years old. How did this happen?

At any rate, it happened. So 6 years ago at 10:42am Bryan and I were blessed with the sweetest, wide eyed ready to go tiny human in the world. He keeps us on our toes. He makes me laugh everyday. He makes me cry too. But goodness gracious, he is going to take this world by storm. His energy, positive attitude, that crazy electric smile and his zest for life are like none other and I’m so grateful GOD gave us the blessing of being his parents!

Happy birthday Fletcher Matthew Dorsey. Go crush your dreams little boy, we love you the most!

Some Fletcher highlights…

In an effort to not overload this list with pictures I should point out this little man is pretty lucky. He was able to go to the lake three times this summer. Twice with cousins and once with his family. We were also able to go to Florida and back to Universal and finally this March to Arizona. He is one lucky little 6 year old boy and we are lucky parents to call him ours!




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