Corona Virus Quarantine Day #346: Court side: Saturday, March 7, 2021:

I’ve been blessed to watch quite a few games this weekend and it’s safe to say I’m not a fan of being a spectator…also I’m exhausted. I’m much more useful on the sideline. But, I love to watch my husband do his thing coaching our boys and their teammates. He’s pretty fantastic.

Cooper and Finley and their teammates won the 5th grade CYO basketball tournament today. They went the whole season undefeated. Pretty awesome! This team has grown so much and gotten so much better as the season went on…it was fun (and stressful) to watch.

Ellen got to play with a 6th grade team today and got a win she was pretty excited about and Fiona played her first soccer game in over a year (thanks Covid) on an enormous field. Also, I had boys volleyball tryouts this afternoon. More on this later. Goodness gracious I love to teach the game of volleyball. It’s so fun to teach it to people who are eager to learn.

I’m exhausted, because again, I’m way more useful on a sideline coaching rather than in the stand spectating. Spectating is gross.

So it’s short and sweet tonight other than to say that I’m proud of our kids and their coaches, one of whom I’m married to. I’m of course biased, but he’s pretty spectacular!

Sports are fun and great, spectating is not!

The championship team!
The boys and their grandparents. It was pretty special to have Gaga and Grandpa Joe in the house.
Cooper, Bryan and Finley Joe. Best coach I know plus two pretty sweet kids.
Not my best work but good LORD I love to watch this human compete. Fiona Bell!

Didn’t get any pictures of my girl Ellen but goodness that girl can compete. She’s so aggressive, it’s amazing.



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