Corona Virus Quarantine Day #347: Snuggles and Stories: Sunday, March 7, 2021:

After a long and fun weekend of sporting events and family time I am wiped. I had really great plans to sit at my computer tonight and write an amazing post about a friends awesomeness…but alas, our kids needed me and now it’s too late.

Fiona really wanted to snuggle tonight. How can I say no to that?

Fletcher wanted to read ALL the books. Again, it’s hard to say no to that too. He also wanted me to sleep in his room because “I love you so much mom.” Such a con artist. This is the same boy who earlier that day was casually throwing things at me from the back seat while I was driving because I wouldn’t get him a donut after his basketball game. So, don’t be fooled. But, that sweet voice, the sweet heart wanted me to snuggle him to bed and I just couldn’t say no. I’ll take it whenever he’s willing to give it to me.

Ellen and I had a great discussion about what she did well today, a new nightly activity for her and I.

Cooper wanted me to read with him as well. So gotta get that in!

Then once I thought I had them all in bed, calm and ready to go I hear a “mom, can you come back in here?”

Then the 20 questions ensued from Finley Joe. By the time I got downstairs, accomplished the things I needed to…it was late and I couldn’t dedicate the time I wanted to in order to do this friend justice. So, I will have to do it at a later time, and that’s ok.

Our babies needed me tonight to snuggle and story tell and that’s exactly what I needed to be doing and exactly where I needed to be.

GOD is good.

A few highlights from today!

Hanging with Grandpa Joe!
Fletchy and his teammates winning “the championship.” Also, check out his socks…lemon out socks for the win!
When it’s halftime the siblings hit the court!
Cooper Claerhout shooting some free throws!



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