Corona Virus Quarantine day #327: A little Prayer: Monday, February 15, 2021:

In my relatively young life I’ve seen and lived through some difficult stuff. I’m overwhelmingly blessed to live a good life and to have been loved by some of the most amazing people.

When the poop hits the proverbial fan I have always known at each stage of my life who I’d call, who’d show up and who’d help me clean up the mess.

As I plan to go to bed tonight I am saying a soft prayer that our kids find those same people in their life. I know Bryan and I will provide them with the best life we can. They will be loved…immensely. And we will try to surround them with other people, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends that also love them and help them find their way.

But…as they get older and choose more of these people for themselves I pray hard and loud that they find their people. The ride or die people that show up for everything good or bad. The people you call after not talking for a long time and when you hear their voice it’s like nothing had changed. The people that check in regularly when things aren’t going well or when they are. The ones that show up with baskets of goodies or dinner and don’t expect anything in return.

I’ve been blessed in my life to have those people. They know who they are. Good LORD…I love you guys. So much. Thank you for always being my people. I am yours as well.

I’m also doubly blessed to work in a community with many I call friends as well as people that I know will pray if I ask. For example, I sent an email asking for prayers for my mom when she had Covid and I see a different person everyday still that asks me how’s she’s doing. This is just one of many reasons I love my job.

So tonight…I pray…So hard…That our children find these people in their sweet little lives at all stages. They are so important. They are critical to overcoming obstacles, so I pray they find them and that we show them the way.

I also hope I teach my kids that on a cold day when you have no school you celebrate with chocolate chip pancakes and “champagne” aka sparkling grape fruit juice for breakfast. Doing this with your ride or die friends is even better.



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