Corona Virus Quarantine Day #326: Valentines Day Shenanigans: Sunday, February 14, 2021:

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. The kids had a fun day being treated by Gaga and mom and dad.

Lots of goodies…too many for my tastes but what can you do?

My favorite new tradition is the heart writing we’ve been doing. One heart from mom or dad everyday and they have to write one heart to anyone in the house as well.

It’s been so fun to see what they write to each other and to us. Gaga got quite a few “you are the best Gaga in the world hearts!”

Below are some of my favorites!

I think it’s so important to be able to compliment other people comfortably and confidently. A few of our kids excel at that, they don’t even think about it, they just tell people what they think or see, we have a few that need to work on this as well!

This activity allows them to practice this skill with the people they know best and are the most comfortable with. I love Fletcher’s notes because they speak to one of the most important things in a long lasting relationship “Dear Cooper, I like you.” These kids all love each other but for a long term meaningful relationship you also have to like the other person. Fletcher wrote one of these to every member of our family.

This exercise has also been interesting to see who has the love language of “words of affirmation”. While they all liked getting and reading their notes I’d say Fletcher and Cooper were the most excited about getting them and Ellen and Fletcher were the most excited about writing them.

I will now do this every single year. It’s an awesome activity and I highly recommend it!

Now…I’ve seen the Valentines Day challenge on FB so I figured it’s only fair if we play along. So here it goes…

How’d you guys meet? At my house in Lawrence. A mutual friend, Shanna Grant, set us up and Bryan showed up on my doorstep with some friends.

First Date: Old Chicago in Lawrence, KS then he took me to his little sisters softball game in Wellsville.

How long have you been together? Almost 20 years (April 21, 2001)

Married? 16 years!

Age difference: Bryan is a year older

Who was interested first? Bryan. He saw me play volleyball at KU and decided he wanted to meet me. Enter mutual friend Shanna Grant who was a high jumper at KU. He asked her to introduce him to me. About 8 months later that actually happened.

Who is taller? Bryan

Who said I love you first? Bryan

Most impatient? Me, for sure.

Loudest? Also me

Most stubborn? Bryan 1,000%

Falls asleep first? Me, every time!

Cooks better? Me. Bryan doesn’t cook too often. He’s good on the grill.

Better morning person? Definitely me.

Better driver? Bryan would say him. I’d say me. He hates to drive in rain or snow.

Most competitive? This is hard. We are both incredibly competitive. It’s one of the many reasons I love him. When I asked Bryan this question he said “depends on how you define the word competitive.” I’m still trying to figure this one out.

Where do you eat out most as a couple? Date night? What’s date night? We don’t often eat out alone but if we get the chance it’s one of two places…J Gilberts or Bristol. So I guess it’s good we don’t go out too often.

Who is more social? Me.

Who is the neat freak? Bryan would say he is. I’d disagree.

Where was your first kiss? Outside my house in Lawrence, Kansas.

Who kissed who first? Bryan kissed me. Caught me off guard a little bit but can’t say I was upset about it. 😂

Plans date nights? Bryan

Who picks where you go to dinner? Also Bryan

Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? This one is definitely me. It’s that stubborn thing for Bryan.

Who has more tattoos? Neither of us have any tattoos.

Who sings better? Definitely me

Spends the most? Also me but Bryan dreams big…aka the barn on our property with the gym in it, so I guess you could say both of us.

Did you go to the same school? Nope. He went to Wellsville HS in Wellsville, KS and I went to Mother McAuley in Chicago, Illinois (an all girls Catholic school).

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together? We did a lot of traveling before we had kids. The two farthest places would be Germany and Italy!

Who drives when you are together? Bryan always.

Ok that was fun. I’m not a huge Hallmark holiday kind of gal but I had fun celebrating with the kids and Bryan! Thank GOD for the barn on days like today. It’s the coldest I can ever remember it being since I’ve lived here. It was lovely to be able to run off some steam in the barn today with this crazy cold.

Some of the kiddos goodies!



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