Corona Virus Quarantine Day #328: Fat Tuesday: February 16, 2021:

Another day at home with the kids and the extreme cold. I know I’ve said this 1,000 times but goodness gracious…that barn is the best thing ever. Thank you Bryan Dorsey! Literally hours have been spent in there these past few days. I’m grateful.

They have yet another day off of school tomorrow. So the barn will be in full use yet again. This cold is unlike anything I’ve ever seen since I’ve lived in Kansas. I’m not a fan.

We’ve had a lot of discussions while home together these past few days about Lent. I’m excited about what the kids will decide to do.

We talk about how Lent is about sacrificing for JESUS because he died on the cross for us. Each Lent I like to not only give something up but also do something. I’m an action kind of gal and I really like the idea of doing things, positive things over sacrificing something I might miss.

A few years ago we were out of town for Lent and the priest talked about one year during Lent how he was young and he walked a really long ways to go to church and how he felt like that was a super big sacrifice for his LORD. He went on to say that he later realized that walking a long way and then telling everyone about it wasn’t really about sacrificing for GOD it was about him. So he explained to us that ever since that day he went out of his way to do good for others during Lent rather than pretend to be a martyr (his words not mine) by giving up something. His words stuck with me ever since I heard them, and I tend to agree. Doing good is far superior to giving something up then complaining about it for 40 days. So I’m going to do my best to do both…minus the complaining…hopefully.

So we shall see what the kids decide….more to report on that tomorrow.

I saw a lot of things today that spoke to me and I’m just going to share them here.

Happy Lenten season my friends.

I love everything about this. Working on all of this.
Can’t even stress how true this is. I also need to work on this. I’m a worrier.
Tonight we watched one of my favorite childhood movies…Troop Beverly Hills. Not sure the boys were into it but the girls and Fletcher liked it.
For a solid hour Fletcher got ahold of Fiona’s Alexa and jumped on his bed! At first he listened to Bad Medicine and Dynamite and later discovered a song called “butt” by Howard or that’s what he tells me. We also were treated to a song called “diarrhea” to which he laughed so hard he informed me he might “pee his pants.” Good LORD this kid. He keeps things interesting.



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