Corona Virus Quarantine Day #322: Trying New Things: February 10, 2021:

Kids never cease to amaze me. They are fearless in so many ways. I wish I was more like a child sometimes in that way. As adults we get to cautious and careful, it’s a lot more fun being like a child.

As you all know it’s been unusually and brutally cold out this week. Despite that, the kids got dressed in all their snow gear so they could watch Cooper try to ice skate on our pond. Cooper really wanted ice skates for Christmas and Santa came through but he has yet to break them in.

The only good thing about this weather is that it allowed our pond to freeze up enough for him to give it a go. Given that today is going to be the warmest day in a long while, we knew it had to happen.

I’d also like to take a moment to celebrate my amazing husband who went out there with an ax to make sure it was thick enough and also stayed out there with them. I despise the cold and my bones would break out there at these temps for too long so…I watched from the window!

Cooper was pretty excited and I could tell felt enormous pride. The kids were all excited for him actually…it was awesome. That’s another great thing about little kids…they are so comfortable feeling happy for other people…another thing adults could learn from the little ones.

Cooper’s ice skating adventure was definitely the highlight of the Dorsey’s day!

A little video…Bryan said he didn’t get many pictures or videos because it was too cold to have his hands out of his gloves to record! Again…he’s a star for even being willing to go out there at all!
Even Gigi made it out on the ice. This dog loves to be with her people, especially outside! Fletcher’s little voice “nice”. I cannot. He loves his big brother and is so quick to give a compliment. It’s a special trait for sure.



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