Corona Virus Quarantine Day #323, 324: Valentine’s Day Celebrations: Thursday/Friday, February 11-12, 2021:

I had to skip a day yesterday as I was feeling a bit under the weather. No corona over here…no worries.

We are preparing for the coldest weekend maybe ever in Kansas?! I can’t say I’m excited.

The kids have a ton of basketball games tomorrow which will be nice to be indoors staying warm…but goodness gracious, the in and out of the car will be interesting.

Tomorrow is Fiona’s 9th birthday. She’s quite excited about all the festivities, she even got Chiefs cookies from Sweets by Stasi to give to all her teammates tomorrow and her siblings too!

Today was their Valentines Day party at school and with corona they are much more tame than normal. The candy still comes home though…and the sugar high and all the excitement. Kids are so much fun and so full of energy. I wish you could bottle that energy and feed it to them when they are teenagers!

Fiona requested Chik-Fila for her birthday lunch and we obliged. We also brought her candy treat bags for her birthday treat. Corona has wiped out the days of homemade goodies as everything now has to be prepackaged. She was disappointed I couldn’t make my famous chocolate chip cookies…so it was an abundance of pre wrapped goodies to celebrate our sweet girl.

Prepackaged goodies and toned down class parties are just two of the many things that the corona virus has changed this past year. There are so many things that are different now because of it and I’m growing weary of it all, and I’m sure this weather isn’t helping.

I know I’m not alone.

So today, we welcomed the distraction of Valentines Day parties, birthday present making for Fiona, and a calm night at home in blankets watching a family movie.

Tomorrow…we ball and celebrate the actual birthday, one of the greatest days of our life!

Fletcher wanted to make Fiona a Stanford robot as her present…it is special let me tell you!



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