Corona Virus Quarantine Day #321: The Little Things: Tuesday, February 9, 2021:

I had a crappy day. Also, this…

It’s not ok outside. In my opinion when it’s this cold we all should stay home by a fire. Going outside is a terrible idea. I despise the cold

At any rate I was thinking today about how the little things all add up to be the big things and the little things are what we should focus on…so I will focus on those today.

For me these were some of the things that stood out to me today…

It was the check in from a friend. Who doesn’t love hearing from a friend?

It’s how excited Fletcher is every single night to write his heart to someone in his family. He also likes to receive them.

It’s an unexpected and nice note from a student saying they appreciate my class.

Or even better an unexpected hug…although this doesn’t happen much anymore. I did get one today though it wasn’t unexpected. Steven and I hug every time I go to Costco.

On that note…It’s seeing my friend Steven at Costco and just standing with him and catching up before he helped check me out. He makes me smile every time. His joy for doing his job is incredible.

It’s also reading my favorite children’s book to one of my favorite humans on Earth!

This book has been read a time or two. If you don’t own it…I highly recommend it. Great book, beautifully written, great pictures and an awesome message. Be you. Be comfortable being you and don’t let anyone tell you being you isn’t awesome! Love it!

It’s also talking to one of my former players and her asking my family to do something in her wedding.

It’s Gaga complimenting my dinner every night, telling me how delicious it is and just the fact that I can talk to my mom whenever I want is pretty darn awesome.

It’s an improptu karaoke party with my children on a Tuesday night.

Fletcher’s first song was by Taio Cruz “Dynamite” and he finished off the night with his rendition of “Take Me Home, Pat Mahomes.” Not being able to read rapid fire makes karoake hard so we basically sang the same chorus over and over…but we killed it! I’m not sure I can explain how much I love this karoake machine. If I was ever home alone, I’d probably fire it up and sing to the dogs.

It’s Fletcher’s somersault into bed…every. single. night.

It’s hearing Cooper tip toe (very loudly I might add) down to say an extra goodnight to his Gaga or the 20 questions Finley asks before I turn out his light and when I do how he shouts down the stairs at me, “I love you Mom”.

It’s Ellen’s plea to keep reading and the sigh when I tell her it’s time for bed, then her big blue eyes looking at mine and saying “ok, I love you mom.” It’s Fiona’s desire to be hugged for 2 hours and how good her hugs are. All of it is precious and makes me smile and laugh and thank GOD they are mine.

Finally it’s the wind down conversation with my favorite human and best friend Bryan after a long day.

GOD is always good. Thank you GOD for the reminder today to focus on all the little things that add up to be the biggest and most important things!



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