Corona Virus Quarantine Day #320: Super Bowl Celebrations: Monday, February 8, 2021:

Today we were gifted with a snow day after a tough loss last night.

I’m grateful for the snow day…it gave everyone a day to recover from a later than normal night (at least for this house) and the sad loss.

I know I’ve said this before, but I love sports. They are fun to play, watch and coach. I didn’t have fun last night watching that game. Not because my team was losing, although, admittedly, that didn’t help.

It was more of a problem because of how the players were acting. It’s really no wonder 9 year olds throw their hands up at refs and people behave badly at sporting events all over the place when kids watch these professional athletes act like idiots. These are people they idolize and want to be like…so it makes sense for them to mimic that behavior. Well…their behavior is gross. Both teams did things last night that were cringe worthy.

Professional athletes should have a clause in their contract that if they act like a jackass they lose money. Every time…not just for the serious infractions. And don’t even get me started on how we celebrate and sell jersey’s for athletes that commit serious crimes that we overlook because they happen to be good at sports. That my friends is an area I can’t even begin to discuss because I’d like to control my blood pressure.

I just wish people could play an awesome game and act classy.

That’s not to say I don’t understand how heated words can be exchanged or tensions are high in a game like that…but I just cannot get behind idiot behavior, even when there is a lot on the line.

There was a lot of complaining on social media about the officials. I won’t argue that there were definitely some questionable calls and the game seemed a little one sided. However, the Chiefs shot themselves in the foot repeatedly, let’s not forget that fact and instead blame it on officials. The Chiefs would have lost that game with or without the help of the officials with the way that they played. Also, in the history of sports complaining at or arguing with refs never gets you more calls.

Now that I got that off my chest…let’s celebrate some awesome.

First of all, we saw history made last night. The first female referee in NFL Super Bowl history was out on that field last night. As the mom of a little girl who loves football and constantly is talking about quarterbacks and stats from the previous weekend’s game…I’m glad our girls got to see that. Even if it’s an unorthodox goal, like being a woman and officiating a man’s game…it IS possible. That’s pretty awesome. Props to Sarah Thomas! Thank you for teaching our girls that lesson last night.

Let’s talk performances…Alicia Keys is always awesome and I love the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing”…it’s really beautiful , H.E.R and that guitar solo, not to mention her pipes, and finally Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan were insane. I was unsure of how that duo would sound together and they were amazing. It was incredible. Jazmine Sullivan can really sing. Wow. It gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. Also, the National Anthem is my all time favorite song. Whitney Houston’s version is the ultimate mic drop. Wish I could have heard that one in person.

The halftime show…while admittedly the Weeknd is not someone I listen to you can’t deny the man can sing. Reports suggest he put in a lot of his own personal money to make that happen. Also, can we talk about performing in front of a bare bones crowd during a pandemic and still providing entertainment. It may not have been your cup of tea but I think he did a lot with a little and we should tip our hat to him for being willing to take that risk…I’m willing to bet a lot of others passed on it.

Like him or not, Tom Brady is a bad ass. The man is 43 1/2 years old and he just played in his 10th Super Bowl and won his 7th. All week news media were talking about him being old. I’m guessing for a guy like Brady that pissed him off and prompted him to throw 3 touchdowns yesterday to make sure everyone knew he still had it. He also received his 4th Super Bowl MVP. Impressive…like him or not.

Patrick Mahomes is an amazing leader. I watch for the things maybe many other don’t. For instance, even when the game was clearly completely over he continued to take hit after hit and try to score a touchdown. He competed the whole game when many others would have quit and accepted defeat. But the thing that stuck out to me the most was when the Bucs won I wanted to see who walked over and congratulated Brady and his team. Mahomes was among the first. He didn’t hang a towel over his head or run back to the locker room, he walked over to the man who just beat his team and told him good job. That’s class. Also, that’s really hard to do. So props to Mahomes. He’s a young man and will no doubt be back in that game. The Chiefs organization is lucky to have him. Also props to his parents because people like this don’t exist by accident.

Watching our kids attempt to rally in support of their team was adorable. The backwards shirts, the “who let the dogs out” singing, the Chiefs chant, the prayers, the meditating. These kids are so blessed. They are making memories with their first friends, their cousins and it’s really beautiful.

This is just some of the awesome I saw last night despite a disappointing loss.

Until next year…Go Chiefs!

Should we also celebrate that mom of the year over here couldn’t find birthday candles so Fiona got to blow out Yankee Candles instead! #momwin



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