Corona Virus Quarantine Day #275: Christmas Cookie Madness: December 22, 2020:

My morning started with my attempt to do a quick yoga workout before all the tasks I wanted to tackle (very few of which actually got done) and Fletcher wandered in. He asked me if he could get muscles with me so I agreed. It. was. hilarious. He was actually pretty good at it. When we finished he said “mom, I can already see that my muscles got bigger.” This kid.

As for the rest of our day…it was pretty special.

I am not even sure when this started, but a long time ago when there were only 4 small children…but my sister Jennifer has hosted a cookie making extravaganza for quite some time since we’ve had kids. It’s always a blast and now that the kids are older we get a little better output than we used to!

Ellen is definitely the most into the cookie decorating but I was impressed that they all got in there and made their masterpieces. It’s traditions like this one that I’m very grateful for. Our kids are blessed to grow up within miles of their cousins on both sides and we get to see and spend time with them regularly. They have no idea (yet) how lucky and blessed they are by this! They will get it someday!

The pictures will tell the story of our day better than I can so here it goes!

Did I mention that we also made Oreo balls, chocolate pretzels, Rolo pretzels and Christmas Rice Krispies? We were busy little humans today! The best part is that only about 5% of these cookies will actually get eaten. It’s not about the consuming, it’s about the process and fun of making and creating this goodness!
The closest we could get to a “normal” photo with these clowns! Crazy humans…but we did have a really good time.

Cookie making was followed by an intense soccer game in the barn, dinner and a movie!

We had to get some Gigi snuggles today too!

In a turn of events tonight our very independent 5 year old wanted to put himself to bed tonight with no help from us. We weren’t even allowed in the room. We could hear him “reading” his new favorite Jayhawk books to himself from his door but Mommy was not a fan of this…our reading time is so special to me. Hoping this was a one time thing. He was pretty insistent that he could do it all himself and that he did.

He did successfully get himself to sleep so I guess props for that! He’s such a stinker but so darn sweet.

Another fun filled day as we count the minutes until Christmas! Huge shout out to Aunt Jenny for organizing and making all the sugar cookie dough for our fun!

I’m very grateful for these memories and look forward to seeing what they will create year to year!



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