Corona Virus Quarantine Day #276 & #277: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: December 24, 25th, 2020:

So first, Christmas mass needs to be discussed…for starters we had to make a reservation and we able to secure a spot at 2pm. With this system we were able to not only be socially distanced but…we could arrive to Christmas mass about 15 minutes before it started. There was no getting there an hour early for a seat situation…which was amazing. I can’t say that it didn’t feel a little weird though. The socially distanced seats were strange and the limited music was as well. But…we were in church on Christmas and it was beautiful.

On a side note…I think Catholic church should continue to do this when Covid is gone. Charge money, allow people to reserve seats and make a day that is supposed to be about celebrating the birth of JESUS and eliminate some of the craziness of Christmas. Just a thought…

Anyhow…after church we headed home to get dinner ready and get ready for our limited guests.

In the last two days I must have said “our kids are so blessed” about 1,000 times. Not because of presents or anything Santa delivered but instead, because they get to grow up with siblings they genuinely love and like, and that they get to grow up with cousins they feel that same way about. They have had so much fun playing with their cousins and running around with their siblings. It’s been such a fun time!

Christmas with kids is the most exciting time in the world. We have had so much fun! There were so many special moments throughout the past few days I hope I can do them justice.

This amazing video pretty much summarizes the whole experience. This was the moment of Grandpa’s big victory!
The final picture of the night, Santa’s cookies and the reindeer’s carrots! Yummy!

The kids didn’t get to bed on Christmas Eve until 11:30…which is very late for the Dorsey crew. I wasn’t sure what time present opening would ensue but we got it started about 7:30. I can’t say it didn’t take a really long time because we open them one at a time and there were a lot of presents. The kids get 3 presents from Santa because that is what JESUS got…so the Santa presents weren’t out of control…but the kid to kid presents were outrageous…but also so incredibly sweet.

This image deserves to be by itself. Cooper Claerhout Dorsey spent countless hours perfecting presents for his siblings, his Gaga and his parents. He definitely put the most time into Gaga’s gift. More on that later. This is the stack of gifts he bought (mostly with his own money), wrapped (with duct tape…my favorite part) and/or created for his family. He also wrote each of us our own card. He has literally the biggest heart in the whole world. We are all so blessed by his heart and I love so much how willing he is to show it.
When Fiona got the baby yoda purse Cooper bought for her. She was almost speechless. It was a sweet moment.
We might as well hover board around the kitchen…why not?

After all of this fun at our house, we headed down to Grandma’s for more fun! This time was filled with more fun with our cousins, a lot of laughter, great food and believe it or not more presents!

This five second rule game the kids played had them all rolling! It was pretty fun to listen to!
Closed down the day with some Grandpa Joe time!

I am tired just reliving all of this for this post. The kids had an amazing Christmas surrounded by people who love them and that they love dearly. I am so grateful for all the awesome people they get to grow up with.

Merry Christmas!



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