Corona Virus Quarantine Day #169: SLAM! September 5, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #169: Slam!: September 5, 2020:

There is tired and then there is I have been hit by a mack truck tired….I’m the latter.

Holy moly.  It’s been a week.  We went from not having school to the kids being in school full time.  I started school and had kids in class this week as well.  We went from no competitions to playing 3 matches in one week!  One of which, I’m happy to report, was the Slam!

I am incredibly grateful for my friend, Shawn Beldin, over at Spectrum Sports who said yes 12 years ago to planning an event like this and also said yes when I called him Saturday and said…let’s make this happen.  He told me he’d see what he could do and we made it happen.  Thankful to all the people who came today to make this event possible…as it takes a lot of camera people, crew and people to man the truck.  A lot goes on behind the scene and we are so incredibly grateful.

While this year wasn’t quite the same thanks to Covid, but we did schedule and plan it in 6 days so it’s really just a minor miracle that it happened at all. 

I’m sad that the 12 other schools that were supposed to play in the event couldn’t participate but most of them didn’t even get approval to have practice until this Friday.  We hope to see the full 16 team slam next fall!   

Below are a few pictures of what was a very successful afternoon.

The camera crew hard at work! I can’t even imagine how complicated it is to operate that bad boy!

Game time!

The one and probably only game our kids will get to attend…man they were excited!

The Dorsey family in action! So grateful to have our five kids in attendance! They were beyond excited! The girls were pumped to be sporting SJA t’s and Fiona of course had her best spandex on! They were ready to sub in at any point!

Cooper even got to pepper with our manager Alex!

After the Slam I got to go to my sister’s and celebrate my now 8 year old nephews birthday! The kids loved seeing their cousins!

All in all it was a pretty great day! Covid be damned.

Slam #11 in the books…even if it was a little different.



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