Corona Virus Quarantine Day #168: Friyay! September 4, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #168: Friyay!  September 4, 2020:

There is a lot to be excited about right now!  Olathe and Blue Valley approved the start of sports, so that makes the volleyball season seem even more real and assures us at least a few more opponents…which is awesome.  I’m happy for all the athletes in those districts…a few more districts will hopefully follow suit.

It’s Friday, so that alone is pretty incredible.  I have to tell you this is the longest week I remember in a long time. If felt like it moved at a turtle’s pace yet I felt like I couldn’t get everything done, so that’s hard to explain.  But nevertheless, it’s Friday and we have a three-day weekend.  Amen!   

I’ll admit…I’m totally spent.  This morning I got dressed for class and I went through my whole school day only to discover when I got into my car to go pick up my kids from school that I had my shirt on inside out all day.  The shirt was black, so it was hard to tell, but still.  Total fail by me!  I think part of the exhaustion is trying to get back into routine again but I think a lot of it is the excitement of a return to the classroom and the court.  Being happy takes a lot out of you! 

I mean it’s so clearly on inside out. Ugh. How did I miss this. Thankfully I had my hair down so at least they didn’t see the tag hanging out! Fail!

The kids are also completely spent.  Fletcher keeps saying he loves school, recess is his favorite and he likes to tell me about his new friends.  He does mention each day that it’s “just too long mommy.”  I would have to agree.  As a parent, while I’m so incredibly grateful they can be in school, it seems like a super long day to be at a desk from 8-3:20 each day and wearing a mask. It’s a lot.  But they seem to be enjoying themselves and like having a routine each day.

Routine rules. 

Today is my nephew, Logan’s, birthday and when I saw him he gave me the biggest and best toothless smile and an amazing hug.  He was so excited to see me and that made my heart happy.  Also, my sister posted an awesome video of him dancing when he woke up and that made my day.  Anyone who busts a move when the music comes on is my kind of person.

Bryan’s cousin, who we love so much and is so good to our family just found out she’s having a baby girl.  I cannot even tell you how happy I am for them.  It’s what they have always wanted.  They already have a spectacular son named Cullison! 

I got to teach students this week.  In person.  I can’t tell you how nice that was. I saw a fraction of their face, heard their laugh and voice and got to chat with them about their lives.  It felt so good.  I am excited for my classes this year and know that despite everything going on and all the extra stuff we can make it work! 

And finally, we are actually going to have the Slam tomorrow. It’s not the same, it’s not the big production it always is and all the teams won’t be playing like the previous 10 years.  There will be very few fans beyond family, there won’t be a hospitality room, the SJA Drumline won’t be there BUT…it is happening.  It took a lot to make this even a remote possibility this year so we are very excited and grateful to Spectrum Sports and to my friend Shawn for agreeing to do something crazy because I asked him to.  He’s a stud.

My incredible husband and our managers using all the tools to get that thing out of the ground! GOD bless them!

So I’m tired, heading to bed and so grateful for all the amazing people in my life.  The ones I work with, the ones I get to teach and coach and of course my incredible family.

I hope you all had a fulfilling week and an awesome day.  Have a safe and happy weekend!



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