Corona Virus Quarantine Day #170: Judge me if you must: September 6, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #170: Judge me if you must: September 6, 2020:

Today started out like so many Covid days have. We ate breakfast and got to work! Finley was shooting in the barn, Cooper and Fletcher were playing hockey in the driveway, Fiona was doing gymnastics and legos and Ellen was reading her new book!

Cooper and Ellen joined me on my long walk with Gigi and it was nice to have company! Those sweet kiddos saw all the wild flowers on the path and wanted to pick a bunch to bring home to Fiona, who loves flowers.

It was the sweetest thing listening to Cooper and Ellen decide which ones they’d risk walking into the tall grass for and how they could make the perfect bouquet.

Cooper was a big fan of the flower picking and took it quite seriously! Gigi was in pure bliss. All the smells and three of her buddies along for the ride.
He also was the one to go into the tall grass a bit more than his sister!
Look at all those photos. It was nice to just have two of the five kids along for the walk. It’s amazing how much more talking they can do when there aren’t as many people around. Holy Moses those two can do some talking!
Their finished product. They were so proud. Fiona loved them too! Such thoughtful little humans.

After the walk we ate a delicious and nutritious lunch and Grandpa Joe and Daddy worked hard in the barn!

While that was happening today I did a thing…I decorated for fall. I couldn’t take it any longer. I wanted to do this about a month ago. The kids were begging me and I just didn’t have a reason or the heart to say no.

It was pretty fantastic. We played Hamilton music, burned a fall scented candle and made the house look absolutely amazing. The only things missing were a fire burning, some hot tea and maybe some candy corn. It was a bit hot today for a fire or tea…but it sounds like in a few days that fire place may get it’s first workout.

I love to decorate for the holidays. I always have. I know that comes from my mom who used to have the house covered from top to bottom in holiday decor. It just makes the fall seem so much more fun, even amidst all this Covid crap.

Here is a little preview of some of my favorite spaces. If I had a million dollars I would have many, many more decorations!

My favorite room, the picture doesn’t do it justice. I love me some pumpkins!
Watched a beautiful sunset go down and thanked GOD on this gorgeous day for our family.

It’s been a full and productive day. Tomorrow, it’s back to the grind as mommy and daddy have a lot of work they need to get done! But…so much to be grateful for today!

When I asked the kids tonight what their favorite part of the day this was their response:

Finley: “playing basketball in the barn (shocker), making chocolate chip banana bread with mom, decorating the house and playing with my cousins.”

Cooper: “Going for a walk with Mom, Ellen and Gigi and making Fiona that flower bouquet, also the decorating, we have to put Christmas up on October 31st.”

Ellen: “Taking a walk with Mom and Cooper, decorating and getting to swim with my cousins.”

Fiona: “Building my lego set and listening to Hamilton while we decorated the house.”

Fletcher: “Decorating my room with Halloween stuff and giving Mr. Scott (our neighbor) more presents (Rocks. He brings him rocks).”



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