Corona Virus Quarantine Day #166: Weird and Wonderful: September 2, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #166: Weird and Wonderful: September 2, 2020:

After 6 months our girls got to walk out onto a volleyball court and play a competitive game of volleyball.  It was different.  So very different.  It was weird, very weird at times…but it was also so incredibly wonderful.

Look at those socially distant benches. Crazy! But it was so great to be out there!

A few things that are different…

  1. The girls play in masks.  That’s strange.  It definitely makes it harder to communicate.  Every fan is in a mask.  Also weird.
  2. We have to sanitize the balls in between each match.
  3. The girls who come out of the game must sanitize upon exiting the match.
  4. Our benches were social distanced, that one might have been the most bizarre to me.
  5. The teams cannot shake hands as they would normally do in a match, not before or after. 
  6. Max of 150 fans for this event. Fans must social distance, there are blue stickers on all the seats to show them where they can sit and have 6 feet social distance.
  7. Attendees will be limited to immediate family members (mom, dad, siblings or guardians) only. 
  8. Each athlete is allotted only 2 family members for any event.
  9. Only students of siblings will be allowed in the building. 
  10. Guests are asked to watch their child’s game and then exit.  So for example, when we were off in between matches our parents had to exit the building until our second match.
  11. 6’ physical distancing will be expected by players, coaches and spectators.   
  12. All players, coaches, managers and athletic trainers must wear a face mask.
  13. All spectators must wear a face mask at all times while on campus, and social distance.
  14. Upon arrival all players and fans will have a temperature check and be asked to sanitize hands.
  15. Restrooms will be available with a limit of 5 people at a time.
  16. Concessions will not be available. 
  17. Visiting teams have to come dressed prior to arrival and limit time in locker room/bathroom facilities.
  18. No post-game handshakes until further notice. Schools may develop ways to acknowledge the other school in a sportsmanlike manner following a contest following social distance protocol.

So like I said, some weirdness.  But, it was also so wonderful. Those kids got a taste of the game they love.  While it was different and maybe a little strange at times, the more we play the more we will get used to it.  I for one, was just grateful for the opportunity to play.

A huge thank you to John Muehlberger, Mike Medina and Jimmy Muehlberger who all worked their butt off to help make this event happen. John even missed his own daughters game over at Aquinas to help us make this a reality.  Thank you to all the awesome women who helped at the scores table at a moment’s notice. I’m grateful I work in a place that allowed me to throw this tri together in less than 48 hours and I’m thankful for co-workers who showed up to help make it happen.

I work in a pretty special place. 

We are playing! I almost cannot believe that this occurred. Also, I’m tired.

Man it felt good to coach the game I love in a real event.  I pray this season can continue and these kids can have a chance to safely play the game they love.

But for today, I am just grateful they got the chance to play!

Love having our alum in the building, coaching and supporting. Missing Paige Brown and Sheridan Zarda who were also in attendance.
Got up at 5 for my normal workout, then took Gigi for a walk afterwards. All my exercise today was dedicated to Charlie Walsh. A pediatric cancer hero. For the month of September, Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, I will dedicate all my miles to one of my heroes who fought cancer and won! Join me!



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