Corona Virus Quarantine Day #165: Long Days, Chickens and Copper Heads: September 1, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #165: Long Days, Chickens and Copper Heads: September 1, 2020:

It’s been a weird day on many levels.  The kids went to their first full day of school and the kids were tired!  After my own practice I went to Ellen’s practice followed by Fiona’s practice.  I coached a lot of tired small humans.  Being back in school is amazing…but it’s also exhausting.

When I asked the kids about their day and being back in school this is what they said:

Finley: School is good mom, it just felt like a really long day.  I liked recess and playing football.  At recess we don’t have to wear our mask.

Cooper: I liked school it was fun.  It was a really long day though.  I liked social studies class.  I’m excited for that.  Do you think we will learn about Hamilton?

Ellen: I really like school mom, I’m glad I’m back.  I like seeing my friends but It was such a long day.

Fiona: I love school mom.  My teacher is really funny. I had to do division today, I’m not very good at that, I need to get better. Also, I felt like the day was very long too.

Fletcher: I like school.  It was fun.  Why can’t we just go half the day like yesterday.  It took forever.

At practice I ran into Fletcher’s teacher who reiterated that point saying that all the kindergartners were done by 12.

Sounds like everyone has a lot of work to do to get used to being back in school full time.  Friday night should be interesting.

On a side note 2020 keeps getting weirder, I actually saw a chicken cross the road tonight (cue the jokes).  I had to slow down because it was just walking down the road…slowly.  That was a first for me.

Then Bryan and I were walking our dog and I happened to look down and Bryan was inches away from a very large snake that was very interested in biting him.  When I said “Bryan snake, I spooked him for sure.”  Long story short, our neighbor had a shovel and he is a boss…so he killed it.  Thank the LORD.

Did I mention it was a copper head?  For sure gonna have a nightmare about that one tonight.


This is part of the snake…oh man.  It’s head was up ready to strike.  My neighbor is a total boss.  I was terrified.  Also, Gigi really wanted to eat it.

Yep.  It was a weird day on many levels.  I’m glad to say goodnight to it!

In other news I’m hoping tomorrow I will get word that our Million Mile page has over 1,000 members.  That would be $10,000 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand!  It’s Pediatric Cancer Awareness month and I’m excited to see the good we can do for these sweet kids.

Finally, I get to coach an actual game tomorrow.  I almost can’t believe it.  It’s very exciting and feels surreal.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!





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