Corona Virus Quarantine Day #167: 1st days and random funnies: September 3, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #167: 1st days and random funnies: September 3, 2020:

Before I get into it, I’d like to say for the record I’ve used the words weird and strange more times in the last two weeks than I care to admit. 

Today was my first day in a classroom with kids in 6 months I was pretty excited about it…it felt awesome, but of course it also felt strange too (that word again).  Of course this time the desks were socially distanced and everyone was wearing a mask.  There is no teacher desk and the only place I’m not standing where I’m blocking someone’s view or too close to them is if I stand in a corner.  So yes, I couldn’t help but think of the iconic classic of a movie and my first true crush Patrick Swayze when he says “no one puts Baby in a corner.”  Dirty Dancing for the win.

I have always been a mover in class so it doesn’t bother me at all to have to walk around but I just feel like I’m in somebody’s way wherever and standing. Also weird. All the kids are in masks and they must sanitize when they come in.  I think it’s safe to say that this is not what I thought my classroom would look like 20 years ago when I sat in my education classes on KU’s campus.

First day of real school picture!

I know that I work in an amazing place with special people and we will do whatever we can to make this the best school year ever and I believe that we can make the most out of the situation…but I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you that it wasn’t wildly strange or that it wasn’t hard because it was both of those things.

I’m also not gonna tell you that I’m not stressed or worn out because I am also both of those things.  However, I also know that kids do not care what you know until they know that you care. My first principal ever said that to me when I started working at Mill Valley high school 19 years ago and it has stayed with me forever.  After 19 years of teaching and coaching I think it’s safe to say that I have found that statement to be 100% true.

As a whole I am pretty good at letting kids know that I care so I’m hoping that that will carry me through this hybrid school year, however long it lasts.

In the meantime, I will be praying for all the teachers out there.  I will pray that they feel supported and loved and appreciated the way that they deserve because what is being asked of them it’s not what they were trained to do.   This school year will not be normal and they will be managing a lot of things.  For example, having kids in the physical classroom and kids at home via zoom and trying to teach both of those groups at the same time.

Just to be clear none of this is a complaint, I really am grateful that we are back in school, but please go easy on your kid’s teachers and give them your support. They need it right now as much as the kids need to be in school.

On the reverse side, I had a very deep and meaningful conversation with my team today and it is beyond apparent that this Covid crap is wearing on them.  All of them, in different ways. The people that are teaching your kids are tuned into that in a major way and we take a lot of that on. We want to help them and lift their burden a bit, in whatever way we can. 

In other news…when I went to pick up the kids from school Fletcher saw me in the parking lot waiting by my car and literally sprinted into my arms.  I wish that’s the kind of welcome I got from everyone.  Man, did it make my day.

Later tonight when I was putting our very tired and slap happy 5-year old to bed he tried to fart on me the entire time we read books.  He giggled like a crazy person and gave me a new nickname…”fart, fart.”  He was quite proud of himself and was certain he was the funniest person in the entire world tonight.  He even got me to belly laugh a few times.

I have to share my kids first school art project.  Never in a million years did I think I’d see school art like this.

This was the very best meme I saw today.  Had to share, and I agree.  Leave a bottle.  Or two.

So we will keep keeping on, all of us. Parents, teachers, students and all the people in between. This is unchartered territory but we can do it together.



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