Corona Virus Quarantine Day #278, #279: December 26, 27th, 2020:

I had to do these back to back updates in two day increments because the kids have been so busy! Busy at home, that is. The last two days have been absolutely beautiful December weather so that’s been awesome, we have gotten outside and filled our bodies up with Vitamin D!

On Saturday their Hall and Gile cousins came over and we spent much of the day running outside, playing in the barn and we even tried our hand at ice fishing. Also…mommy’s Christmas gift got christened. It. is. amazing.

I finally got the karoake machine I have wanted my entire life. It’s legit. There are like 300 settings and a microphone stand (which was truly the one thing I felt I really needed). The kids all sang and I belted a few tunes myself. I cannot explain how much fun it was…but more on this a different day!

Here are the last few days in pictures to describe how truly fun it all really was for us!

What is not captured here is that when he got on the mic he introduced himself and his song. He legit said “Hi I’m Fletcher and I’m going to sing Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” He is a natural on the mic!

Saturday was another full and fun day with our quarantine buddies, our cousins. We had a total blast and when the sunset on this day, we were asking what time we’d see our cousins the next day!

Finley got an arrowhead on his head! He was pretty pumped about that!
Don’t worry at 8am this maniac was ready to sing and that he did!

Sadly, immediately upon arrival back at Aunt Jenny’s post hike I had a major allergy attack. Three Benadryl later we stopped the swelling and I can breathe (which is nice) but I am having a hard time staying awake. I will refrain from posting any pictures of my face because it looks like I’ve been in a boxing match. My right eye is almost completely swollen shut. It’s been good times, but at least the kids got to hike in December . So I will take the wins as they come! I think my nephew Hunter may have nightmares about my swollen face. He was very concerned about his Aunt Nan Nan (it was pretty darn sweet).

I will be fine over here with my Benadryl and soon my eyes will open back up…hopefully sooner rather than later.

Nevertheless, the last 4 days have been amazing despite Covid and allergic reactions. Tomorrow, I’m hoping will be a bit more relaxed especially since I will need to be dropping Benadryl to deal with this reaction. Not sure about you but Benadryl makes me sleepy!

Merry Christmas!



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