Corona Virus Quarantine Day #125: Prayer and Organizing: November 2, 2020:

First a few observations. I keep typing an October date, I guess I’m not ready for November. Secondly, is there a parent alive that appreciates day light savings time? I’m thinking not. Can we all agree…it needs to go?

Today the kids were off school, which was actually good timing. Our kids seem to have a delayed hangover from the Halloween festivities. They were totally fine Sunday but today, we were t.i.r.e.d.

GOD bless this amazing weather. It felt good to have the sun shining and to be outside enjoying the fresh air. Also, I may try to put up Christmas lights (don’t judge me).

Since the kids were up so early I decided it was a good day to organize all our closets. That was a task. But, so satisfying. If there is any better feeling than taking on a goal and crushing it…I don’t know what it is!

I have multiple bags of goodies to bring my friends with kids smaller than mine as a result. That is also satisfying.

We also did a locker and shoe drawer clean out. Oh man, did that feel good.

Typically post volleyball season I go through a cleaning frenzy and it is incredibly fun. I know that makes me weird, I’m ok with it. Organizing is fun.

Tonight as I go to bed I plan to pray the rosary. I’m worried for our nation. Tomorrow is election day and there is so much division out there. I’m not sure it will matter who wins, either way, I think there will be violence. I will pray that there will not be.

I heard today that the National Guard was activated and in Washington DC stores and restaurants are boarding up their businesses. What a sad world we live in if this is our reality. It’s really hard to explain this to small children. Tonight on the way to basketball tryouts Ellen asked me the difference between Republicans and Democrats and why they didn’t like each other at all. Whew that was heavy stuff for a car ride.

So join me in praying for our nation. I’ll be praying that regardless of the outcome of the election our country can come together and find some common ground and some peace.

Last week in class, I discovered one of my students birthdays was today. Today she turned 18. How stinking exciting. She can vote (by 2 whole days) in this election. I can still remember the first time I voted. The excitement. The slight feeling of vomit rising to the top of my throat. I was taught not to take that right for granted and as a history teacher, I know the back story on what it took to give women the right (it’s a pretty cool story). When we discussed in in class she told me how she was prepared and knows the candidates and feels informed. I am so excited for her.

This is what it should be about…not all this hate and division. GOD bless this young woman’s parents for teaching her the importance of casting her vote and for being informed. Her excitement gave me hope.

So, again, tonight, I pray for our country. I pray for peace. I pray for unity. Good LORD, I hope we figure it out as a nation.

Love over hate, always. Unity over division, always.

I will pray.



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