Corona Virus Quarantine #224: Take a Break From the Heavy: November 1, 2020:

I think a lot of people have felt the weight of the last 8 months heavily. Myself included. Aside from Covid, people have stressed about their jobs, money, home schooling, hybrid schooling, the election and everything in between.

It’s hard to just shut down and enjoy the moment when there is so much going on and so much to think about. I know I can speak for myself when I say I haven’t taken a moment to just enjoy a day and not focus on all I have to do and conquer.

Last night I lay in bed praying for peace of mind. I prayed for less worry, less focus on what I cannot control and more on what I can. I prayed for the strength to take on the things I feel I can influence for the better and I prayed many prayers of gratitude for the goodness in my life.

So today, instead of organizing the closets that are calling me or writing a 4th draft of an important letter for change or lesson planning, I decided I was going to do my very best to be present in the moment with my family and I will tackle all of that stuff tomorrow.

It started with breakfast, basketball practice and Fletcher’s final soccer game. I love to watch our kiddos play sports more than just about anything else. They love to play sports more than just about anything else so it works out well.

Fletcher and his teammates and brave coach after their big victory! Fletcher has come a long ways from the days he used to do nothing but fall down. He scored 3 goals today and in his words, “I helped score a bunch of other ones.” He doesn’t struggle with confidence this one.
He was extremely excited to show his cousin Logey his medal. These two are so much fun and love each other so much. Fletcher also insisted he wear his medal into Walmart so that he could show all the people we saw. This kid.

When we got home from soccer we watched the Chiefs game and I cooked.

Sunday’s are the one day of the week I don’t hate to cook. I feel like I have more time and it doesn’t take me away from the kids, because they are usually in there “helping” me. Salmon, asparagus and chocolate chip banana bread for the win!
Another highlight…the kids playing board games with each other. I love how they are friends. I hope and pray they are always good friends. Always.

After that we went to the barn and played basketball and volleyball as a family. We listened to jams and laughed and challenged each other and it was awesome.

This was followed by roller blading on the driveway to 90’s roller blading jams (the kids were not too impressed with this music sadly).

We were all tired from our Halloween hangover but we all pushed ahead because we were enjoying each others company.

I was able to turn off the noise in my head, even if just for a few hours and it was glorious. All of the things I have to do will still be there tomorrow and as Bryan always reminds me…”you always get everything done.” So, I guess he’s right, I will get it done, but today I cut myself some slack. That doesn’t happen too often, it was nice.

We closed off the night by watching “The Game of Their Lives” about the 1950 US World Soccer Cup team that pulled off the greatest upset in soccer history. The kids loved it and it was the perfect end to a beautiful day!

My night was made complete by a phone call from someone I love with some great news. It isn’t my news to share, so I cannot, but it was nice to have a happy face call me to share their goodness with me. It was also nice that I was one of her phone calls.

GOD is good.



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