Corona Virus Quarantine Day #177: Neighbors! September 13, 2020:

Today was just a beautiful day in so many ways. The weather was insanely awesome and the kids were outside running around most of the day. I got to coach my littles in volleyball, which is always a blast, and I can see them all getting so much better! There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing progress.

When volleyball was over Fletcher insisted on going to see Mr. Scott and Mrs. Shelly, our neighbors. He absolutely loves them and it’s easy to understand why. Not only are they very sweet and tolerant of him and all his questions but they have so many animals to play with.

Today might have been his favorite visit to Scott and Shelley ever. First he got to play with their bunny “Bun-Bun” for a solid hour. Then he “helped” Mr. Scott paint his porch. Then Scott and Shelley gave Fletcher a huge box of his very own rocks. I don’t have clarity on where they all came from…but I’m pretty sure some of them are the ones Fletcher brought as “presents” to Mr. Scott. The other ones…I believe Mr. Scott went and found for him. Seriously, their little friendship is the very best. After that he and Fiona got to go in with the pig, the goats and the horses.

The highlight…they got to ride the horse and the pony. I’m not sure you could give this little blonde haired maniac a better day.

Check out this cuteness. Time at Scott and Shelley’s is like our own personal petting zoo!

Fiona was giving Snowball a hug and Fletcher was trying to get her to gallop. Go figure. He was pretty sure he didn’t need to hang on. He is afraid of nothing…so pray for me.

Fiona giggled like a school girl when she rode the pony, Sunny. Scott got her to “run” and she thought it was the best thing ever. When Fletcher did this, he fell off…he thought it was the best thing ever too!
Fletcher, Fiona and Snowball!
Seriously, this kid is in HEAVEN!

We are so blessed to have such awesome neighbors. Whenever we leave there Fletcher gives them hugs and runs off screaming “bye, thank you, I love you, see you tomorrow.” It’s really quite something. Our neighbors patience is incredible but it is fun to see how our kids make them smile too, as their kids are both grown and out of the house.

Just a little further away we have some other neighbors that are awesome, they also happen to be family! Tonight my sister invited us over to eat her Hibachi dinner, how could I say no to that?

And no cousin get together would be complete without fishing! These kids love to fish…my goodness. It was fun to hear their cheers from the porch when they caught a big one. They said that the one Finley caught (not pictured here) was even bigger than this guy. I’m impressed!

So today was a beautiful day spent with awesome people. The kids are not as excited as I’d like them to be to start another week tomorrow. They all say school is too long…and I get it…it does feel long (the masks don’t help). I’m sure it feels especially long since they were able to knock out their school work in about 2-3 hours during quarantine and then we got to have adventures all day. I think they all miss being at home a little bit which makes me feel both good and bad at the same time. I think every parent in America is struggling with the balance of wanting things to go back to normal but doing what is best and right for their individual family. I’m no different. I can say that it was awesome to see them in a uniform again competing. That was sure fun. I’m hoping that in a few weeks this will pass and they will get in a routine.

In the meantime, I’m just going to be grateful for Sunday’s when we are all home and together.



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