Corona Virus Quarantine Day #178: EEK?!?!?: September 14, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #178: EEK?!?!?: September 14, 2020:

I knew with the whole Covid schedule changing every second thing I’d screw something up and today was the day.

We had to reschedule some matches to tonight because of our senior retreat, as a result I double booked myself. I was supposed to be at an American High School Volleyball Coaches Association meeting at the same time. I got my wires crosses and was certain our meeting tonight was actually Wednesday…oops!

I hate messing up schedules or letting anyone down. While I’m just grateful that we are getting to play volleyball as many of my coaching friends across the country are not getting that chance, I hate that I got this wrong.

On a positive note our team won both matches which made the disappointment of messing this up feel a little less painful.

Thankfully my friends at the AVCA are forgiving and I will definitely be at the next one.

At least I did something right today and made one 10 year old very happy. We went apple picking last weekend and Finley has asked me every minute since if I’d make a caramel apple pie. It was a rush to get done but I did. I’m told he loved it (as I wasn’t home to see him eat it).

So today, I got that right!


Also, to all my teacher friends who are struggling right now, I saw this and it made me smile and helped me take a deep breath. I hope it helps you too! Hang in there! As Gaga says, “this too shall pass.”

Hybrid, “distance learning,” homeschool, whatever you are doing as a teacher…we got this and above is true!



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