Corona Virus Quarantine Day #164: New Beginnings: August 31, 2020:

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #164: New Beginnings: August 31, 2020:

Today was a big day for a lot of people.  The kids, our kids started their first full week of school. I was not allowed to bring them in and it was a little traumatic for mommy.  The kids assured me they’d get him to his classroom safely (as if he needs any help) but holy crap it was cute that they wanted to take care of him.

Man I love these kiddos!  

Then I headed over to St. James so I could catch the red carpet.  Years ago when we were still a very young school we came up with the idea to have freshman walk in on the arm of a senior boy or girl.  The best part is they literally walk the red carpet.  It’s just one of the very special things our community does to make these kids feel special.

Today’s red carpet was billed to be different of course, because of the Rona.  We had to have a socially distanced red carpet so no one knew for sure what to expect.

Even with the social distance, even with the sticks to keep them 6 feet apart…even with the Thunderstorm it was glorious.

Our teachers and principal stood in the rain making sure kids got into the school safely and felt welcomed in the true SJA fashion.  It was incredible.

If you want to watch this whole thing play out…check out this video…

What a gift to see these kids back in school, to see a socially distanced all school mass, to see these kids smiling, even if behind a mask.

The stick made me laugh…it just screams 2020.  So much fun! 

Also, in other news…I was able to schedule some volleyball matches this week.  It’s going to be a little hectic pulling it off in two days but I don’t care.  These kids are getting some normal in their lives.

What a gift.  I’ll keep you posted.

I’m excited to see what all these new beginnings will bring to us all!  I am going to continue to hope and pray for a safe and happy school year and season!

Now, I need to get some sleep, I have three volleyball practices tomorrow!  Go Thunder!  Go Cardinals!

Fletcher really wanted his missing teeth to show in his first day of kindergarten hat.  This guy! 



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