Corona Virus Day #87: GSD: June 14, 2020

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #87: GSD: June 14, 2020


Started our day with church on the big screen!

Someone I work with once described me as a GSD kind of person.  It took me a second and I realized what they meant.  I took this as high praise as I really do not like lazy people.  I struggle with them hard core…and this person was right, I really like to get stuff done.  I’d rather take action than sit around and talk about taking action…hence the GSD.

I’m grateful to be married to a GSD kind of guy as well.  He is a hard worker and if there is something that needs to get done…he does it.  Without complaint.  For example, I wanted to hang some stuff on the girls walls.  We’ve lived here almost 5 years and they have nothing on their walls.  I also wanted to hang stuff in our powder bathroom…again 5 years, nothing on the walls.

It wasn’t because we didn’t have time or just didn’t get it done, it wasn’t until recently we even had anything to hang on the walls.  I bought some décor for both rooms recently and this weekend…Bryan hung it all up.  He’s also creative about how he arranges things, something I could never have figured out effectively.  Both projects turned out so well.  Bryan now believes there isn’t a single room in our house we haven’t done something to during the quarantine.  I however…believe we still have some work to do.

The girls wanted lots of color, rainbows and flowers.  Done!  I turned out so awesome!

Being a GSD and being married to one is pretty spectacular because we get a lot of stuff done together.


The four oldest kids got a frame and a size paper to draw us something to hang in our bathroom.  Fletcher wasn’t quite ready for this activity yet.  The coolest part is that Bryan just got one of his own drawings back from his mom that once hung in her bathroom.  He drew it when he was 10, it is of a barn. Finley drew his picture, also a barn, before he even saw his dad’s, crazy town!  Like father like son!  Fiona’s of course is rainbow colored, Cooper’s involves the Chiefs and Ellen’s is a design with a flower (no shock there either).

Today was organize the garage day.  We have a build up of stuff in the garage with all the kids getting new beds so there was a great need to clean it out.  Despite the horrible heat, Bryan was out there all day, with the help of our boys for a long while cleaning it out.  The garages look spectacular!  A clean garage just makes you feel accomplished.

After working all day, he then cut all of our boy’s hair.  A much needed activity. Fletcher was working with a crazy long mullet.  It was not a good look.

Our hair cutting station in the basement!

Fletcher’s before and after…that hair over the ears was NOT ok!

Many projects have been accomplished in a few short days and I know in the days to come many more will happen as well.

So to all the GSD people in the world…you are my people. Let’s be friends.  I am hopeful that Bryan and I will raise GSD kids as well and we can be one big GSD family!

Worm hunting in the poop pile with Mr. Scott and Mrs. Shelley (neighbors).  We not only have worms but grubs (they are super gross) to fish with tomorrow morning.  So awesome!

Puppy snuggles! 

Fiona will be getting her 1st Communion this Saturday and she’s super excited.  Bryan told her that her walk up to get the Eucharist needed some flair.  He even gave her some suggestions.  LORD help us all.





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