Corona Virus Quarantine Day #30: April 17, 2020: Our first ever at home dog grooming event

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #30: April 17 2020

30 days!  Wow, in so many ways that is super hard to believe yet somehow it’s also believable…if that makes sense to anyone but me.

Can we get a collective heck yeah that it is Friday!  I know I’m so very happy it is.

My students “in class” via zoom today seemed to be lack luster to say the least.  I actually asked them at one point if they all got together before class (via zoom of course) to freeze me out and refuse to answer questions…cause that’s what it felt like.  But, I’ll blame it on Friday and a bad week of weather here.  I feel like everyone is just happier and more willing to participate when it’s sunny outside.  My other students, the ones that live in my house were pretty good today.  They did their work and even solved some of their own problems without busting in my “classroom”.  I did have a few interruptions but one of them was totally fantastic. Fletcher came in to tell me he “finished his homework” and he gave me a big fat kiss and then walked out.

My students loved that one!  I think it’s good for my students to see moments like this so they can gain some perspective on how it’s hard to teach/work from home with kids in the house.  Maybe it will give them some extra respect for their own parents.  A girl can dream.

A few highlights from the day are that Bryan gave Zoey, our 14-year-old fur baby a hair cut.  That was an experience…One where he had an audience of small children, sweat profusely and listened to Fletcher say repeatedly “good girl” to our sweet pup.  She looks…well…dare I say better?  She was seriously mangy and smelly and I am glad it was him not me.  I came down a few times to see if he needed my help but to be honest I couldn’t stomach it.  It looked like she was being traumatized and I didn’t want any part of that.  After the haircut I went down to clean the hair and I found the cat walking around in it.  Gross.  So that was less than awesome.

GOD bless Zoey, she’s such a good girl and was our first baby.  We love her so much…but this was traumatizing stuff for all of us.  I prefer a groomer for sure!

That’s a lot of hair! Yikes.  The damn cat loved all that hair…gross!


Zoey even got a shower…complete with audience after her haircut.

Another highlight today had to be the rainbow jello we made.  The kids were incredibly excited about it.  Gaga used to make this for every Bell family party when we were kids and I loved it so much.  It brought back so many happy memories for me.  The kids all loved it (minus Cooper, who wanted to like it but…wasn’t a huge fan).


A thing of beauty…a favorite childhood memory!

These people were pretty excited to try it! 

A few weeks ago, Cooper asked me to read a book (he had already read) with him.  He loves history and this one is about Hitler.  It’s called “Hitler’s Secret”.  He reads one page and the I read the next…today he came down after I finished school and asked if we could read together.  I was feeling kind of done for the day but I cannot resist his little sweet face, so I agreed.  He was so happy and I was so grateful for time alone with my sweet boy.


Another favorite memory for the day, Finley Joe has been very interested in drawing lately and he decided he and Cooper needed a door sign for their room. So he drew name signs complete with sports embedded in them.  He was so proud of his final product, he wanted to laminate them.  It was so awesome.


His first sign…I was pretty impressed…seeing that I cannot draw!


My favorite part is the final sign. Anyone who knows me or has had me in class knows I cannot have a double “o” and not put a smiley face in them.  I love, love, love that he drew this that way!  I love it!

Finally, I had a zoom meeting planned all week with a few of my oldest friends from college.  It was so nice just to see their face.  Not as good as a hug and a cocktail in person but it’s better than nothing and I’ll take it.

Stay tuned…tomorrow I will have a guest writer who will have full access!

All in all, a successful week.  I hope you all have a glorious weekend.

Stay well!



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