Corona Virus Quarantine: Day #31: Guest Writer

Good evening, friends.   I will freely admit I am a little nervous to serve the role of guest writer for this daily journal.  While there is nothing “average” about Nancy, based on the incredible feedback she has received from many of you, I know many of you agree that she has had an amazing ability to “normalize the situation” by putting into words what all of us have been thinking as we navigate the quarantine.  And, while opposites often attract, well, Nancy and I are an example where “similarities” attract.   Almost nightly, the words she shares about our day replicate my exact thoughts.  Thus, for one day I will do my best to keep things rolling here.

For today, I thought I would take an opportunity to do just what this blog portrays – celebrating awesomeness.  Here are the top 10 items (definitely in no particular order) I want to celebrate in this wild time.

1. Food – You often hear our kids starting their daily description with what they had for breakfast.   There is no doubt our family quarantine has been blessed with incredible food.  Today was no different, as we started with crepes, eggs and sausage, had steak for lunch and then tacos, baked potatoes and Nancy’s famous cookies (if you know, you are jealous!) for dessert.    That has been a normal occurrence.  Nancy and the kids have knocked it out of the park with food this past month.  While I have no doubt the Dorsey’s will make obscene contributions to local restaurants once this ends, for now, we are eating like kings at home.

2. Kids Maturity – You often hear that kids are resilient and that it is the parents that worry about any situation too much.  I think this quarantine has been exactly that and if we stop to watch our kids, we will realize in the big picture this will have been very good for them.  I have been amazed by our kids’ growth in maturity.  Whether from missing out on a birthday party, missing family vacation, or not seeing their friends, they have simply gone with the flow and found ways to “see a need and fill it”.  While Fletcher can still have his moments, even he has seemed to be more “boy” recently.

3. John Deere – My job and my company rock.  I have always loved working for a company that is instantly recognizable and respected when you say it.  What I love more is that in times like these, or in past times with family health issues, they have always put me as an employee first.  I am not naïve to think that if things get bad they might have to make some hard decisions, but they always have and always will do it with the employees in mind.  I miss seeing my colleagues, but have supreme confidence that our company will come through this better than ever.

4. The Barn – If you’ve read this any of the previous 30+ days, you are aware of the barn.   Yes, it’s great and the timing was fortunate.  But, that’s not the purpose of inclusion here.  I am celebrating the awesomeness that is my wife relative to the barn.   Nancy never thought I was crazy when I told her years ago I wanted to build a gym.  Reason-bring, it was never about having a gym.  We both knew it was about having another tool that would instill the mindset we wanted in our kids.  Go out and do something!  Who knows what future our kids will have in sports – honestly, we really don’t care – but, we do care that they are active and know how to interact with others.

5. Global Perspective – One thing I have really appreciated during this quarantine is the amazing reality that this has impacted everyone in the world.  In our dissected world, I honestly didn’t think there would be one thing again that would have that ability.  It has been really cool to hear how friends and colleagues in Brazil, Germany, Spain, Iowa, North Carolina, etc., have all been impacted and how they are dealing with it.  Complete admission, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than Kansas during this craziness.    When you hear stories about not leaving apartments for 40+ days and laws against sharing dogs for walks, one quickly realizes the spoils we enjoy here.

6. Weather – For the most part, the weather has been great.  Last week was a bit cold, but from here on out we look to be in Spring!  That should definitely help things.  I know seeing friends in Iowa last week with 4-5 inches of snow did not make me jealous at all!   That, and it is sure nice at 6am when I don’t have to bundle up for the morning puppy walk!

7. Coach’s Kids – I love the fact that our kids get to grow up as “coach’s kids”.  Yes, it will be harder for them, as well as us, but I am confident it is worth it.  For them to be around the “conversation” at such a young age – you can see them absorbing all that we say.  Most importantly, they all have some of our previous players that they admire and look up to – thankfully, it isn’t because of a specific physical talent – it is because of how Nancy and I talk about their roles on our teams and as teammates.  We also talk a lot about improving your skills by yourself and not for recognition by a coach/parent.  Well, today I was fortunate to watch Finley and Cooper each make 500 shots each because they wanted to see if they could do it.

8. Friends – I think most would include missing friends at the top of the “negative” list for this quarantine.  While I have friends, thankfully they are the ideal kind where we can go months without talking and within the first 30 seconds of seeing each other are immediately back like we are living together again.  The reality is my best friend is Nancy.   I get to go through this with her and I am ridiculously grateful.  She makes it all so much easier than it really is.  I have such admiration for those single parents that are out there balancing and managing it all right now.  God bless you.

9. Time – The concept of time is something I have always been interested in.  I can recall writing an article in my high school newspaper about “time”, where I described it as the only thing that never ends, but you never have enough of.  That the only real value of time is what you decided to do with it.  While I still feel like I am not accomplishing all I want to in the days of this quarantine, I am definitely grateful that it has given me more time with my family.  No time lost driving!  The second concept of “time” in this comes from an article a friend shared earlier this week.  It talked about how in times of crisis, our fight or flight part of our brains kicked in and then once the “event” was over, we were left with to deal with it.  The crazy thing about this “event”, unlike a weather event like a tornado, or a family crisis, the “time” element is unknown.  The article went on to explain why so many of us feel tired – that our fight or flight brain is still engaged and have no real indication of when it will end.  However, if someone would have told you that you had to spend 30-60 days at home with your family, work from home, etc.; many of us would have viewed that as a vacation and signed up immediately.   I know this is a weird one, but I am grateful I am given the opportunity for this “time” with my people – I get to decide how to use it with them!

10. Health – It goes without saying that the previous 9 items are irrelevant without health.  We have been blessed to this point of only “knowing someone who knows someone” who has been impacted by COVID.   We are going through every precaution to keep it that way.  Lots of hand-washing, maybe 1 trip a week to the store, and a whole lot of praying!

Thank you for reading.  Sorry, for being a little long.  Today, I am asking the publisher to include only one picture.   In celebration of her birthday week and her ability to write each and every day, I want to thank and recognize the fearless leader of our quarantine, Nancy.   She told me I could write anything I wanted, so by rule, she has to post all of this!   If you are reading this, you love her too and I hope when you see her you can give her the big hug you know she loves!


Take care my friends – God Bless!

Bryan Dorsey

2 thoughts on “Corona Virus Quarantine: Day #31: Guest Writer

  1. Chuck Waltemire says:

    Great job Bryan you continued the great writing that Nancy started,That I look forward to reading. Thank you both for the great incite and sharing of your thoughts, family and World. Chuck


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