Corona Day Quarantine Day #18: Saturday’s are for Sports

Corona Virus Quarantine Day #18: April 4, 2020: Saturday’s are for sports

Today my guest writer is the spunky, sweet and talented Fiona Bell Dorsey.

Today I had waffles and Nutella and fruit it was delicious.  Then I wrote a lot of notes.  I wrote to Grandpa Joe, friends, my teacher, volleyball girls and even Kerri Walsh!  I don’t know Kerri Walsh’s address but I’m pretty sure my mom can get it because they are kinda like friends. Mommy sees her at the Final Four and they hug.  Then we went to the barn for like 4 hours.  I played soccer with Finley.  I scored a lot of goals!  It was really so much fun!  Then I moved my soccer game outside with GiGi and Fletcher and I climbed trees.

Fletcher and I decided that we want to build a tree house.  So we will start on that tomorrow if Daddy lets us nail into a tree. We ate dinner and then did a scavenger hunt.  Tonight I go to be on a zoom call with the Dorsey family.  It was super fun.  I liked getting to see my aunts and uncles, grandma and grandpa and Courtney Claire.  Then we watched the last part of Avatar.  I didn’t like it because I thought it was creepy.

Overall I think corona virus is terrible. I want everyone in the whole world to be healthy.  It has been hard because I can’t see my teacher or my friends and we don’t even get to see our neighbors Scott and Shelly that much…just from long away.  I miss going out with my family and I miss playing sports with friends.  Tonight I am thankful for my family.

Love, Fiona

I do love the weekend so much!  No virtual school or homeschooling so it’s a total win!  However, am I the only person that felt like Wednesday took like 62 hours to be over but today, a Saturday was over in 30 minutes?  Yep…me too.  This day flew by.  It’s crazy.

I know that tomorrow I will have to sit down and do some grading so I tried to enjoy this beautiful day as much as possible.  We played a lot of sports today.  Volleyball, basketball, soccer and pickle ball.  I had to do a little training so I can take on Cooper in the rematch of 2020.  I’m telling you, my odds aren’t good.  He’s so much better than I am.  But the competitive crazy that lives in my soul has to give it another go.  Plus, it’s important for kids to learn how to lose right?  That is if I can beat him.

After hours of playing sports and running outside with the dog we got on a zoom call with Bryan’s Dorsey family members.  A huge shout out to Aunt Mel for organizing and facilitating the call.  She’s a stud!  It was great to see their faces and hear the updates on how they are all doing.  Everyone briefly commented on the hardships of the quarantine but quickly followed it with a “we are blessed to be healthy”.  Fiona was a big fan of the zoom call and wanted to be talking the whole time.  Her favorite comment was definitely to Uncle Rick when she asked him what was on his face.  The answer is the wildest mustache you’ve ever seen (sorry Uncle Rick)…but a small animal could live up in there.  Not good my friend, not good, but I love you anyways!

I’m so grateful for zoom so we can connect with people we love and continue to do our jobs.


Zoom call with the Dorsey’s

Today I am grateful for some precious time spent with my mom.  I am trying to get all of her story in writing because I want to remember it, but also I want our kids to know what an incredible stud she is and how much she has overcome.  That way, if they ever have a hardship they can know that there is nothing that can hold them back from whatever it is they dream to do or be.

Also, I believe her story can help others.  It’s what she’s best at in this world, helping others, so it’s appropriate her story would do that for others.  While I know the majority of these stories it always surprises me how she talks about them with ease, given how traumatic they are.  She’s so strong and I am in awe of her at all times.  She’s legit an Oprah Winfrey special waiting to happen. I’d watch the hell out of that after school special…with a whole box of Kleenex.

So thank you GOD (and Bryan Dorsey…who watched the kids) so I could have an uninterrupted hour with my mom today.

Finally I ended my night in the perfect way by talking to two of my oldest and dearest friends on the phone for just a short while and we plan to do it tomorrow too when another bestie can join us!  Laughter is so good for the soul and these two make me laugh so much. Hold your friendships close during these crazy times friends…they are so critical to getting through this ordeal.  Erin, Laura…love you long time!

So after a day full of playing several sports I love and talking to people I love I’m ready to fall into my bed to do it all over again tomorrow.  And…hopefully beat my 9-year-old son in pickle ball!  Wish me luck, I’ll need it.


Fiona playing soccer with Gi Gi Jingles


I think the letter mommy got in the mail inspired them to write just a few of their own!


Cooper worked so hard today in the gym with Daddy working on his shot!

Fletcher had basketball contests against his friends (real friends who of course weren’t there) and of course “won” them all and then awarded himself with a whole bunch of “trophies” aka whatever junk he found in the barn!  Can I also point out that this kid is living his best life wearing PJ’s all day, everyday!

Stay safe my friends.





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