Cooper Claerhout: May 5, 2021: 11 years old!

Cooper aka Snoop. My sweet Cooper.

His birth story was the scariest. He was the final baby to be pulled out. He was 2 minutes behind Finley and one minute behind Ellen (though it felt much longer than that) at 1:00pm.

He weighed 4 lbs 7 ounces and had the sweetest little face, a face I wouldn’t see until hours after my surgery. Bryan swears though, that I was the first person he opened his eyes for. Before I could get up there he’d met his dad and both sets of grandparents. But not me.

Cooper spent the most time in the NICU, a total of 8 weeks and that was rough having to leave him there without his siblings. But his homecoming and reuniting them all together was one of the best days ever.

Cooper just may have the biggest bleeding heart ever. He is a softie to his core and cares about all people. He is a friend to all people and he’s so good with little kids.

He loves his Gaga (maybe more than he loves us) so much and their relationship is almost too much for me (or Gaga) to handle. He goes down every single night to give her a hug and kiss and talk to her before bedtime. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes, this annoys me because it’s time to go to bed but…I know this is special for both of them and also to me.

Cooper loves all sports. He definitely spends most of his time in the barn playing basketball but he is down for any kind of family fun and games. He’d tell you basketball is his favorite sport but he recently discovered he really likes to run (something he did not inherit from his parents).

He loves to roller blade and play hockey and I have to say his skills are impressive for never actually playing the game for real. He also somehow developed a love for the game of hockey and their players. He really wanted a Wayne Gretzky jersey for his birthday (I’m happy to report we delivered on this one).

He’s amazing at pickle ball and tennis and I legitimately cannot beat him and I’m not gonna lie…it makes me mad. His hand eye coordination is incredible and he’s just tricky with the ball.

I could watch him play defense all day! He also loves to have me set him so he can hit and he’s better at volleyball than he should be given how little he practices it. He’s a big fan of mommy’s teams. Boys high school volleyball has been a big hit with Cooper! So I think it’s safe to say he is a jack of all trades kind of kid when it comes to playing games.

He has always been the silliest of the three and keeps us all laughing on the regular. His siblings find him to be hilarious and he’s a good influence on his older, quieter brother giving him permission to be a little silly. His energy can be boundless (especially if someone has given him chocolate) and it always keeps us on our toes.

He is the most sensitive of the triplets and cares so much for others. He always compliments me on “how pretty” I look when I get dressed up. He always offers other a bite of his yummy treats. He is the first to ask me about my day and gives the worlds greatest hugs.

He loves his siblings so much and when something good happens for his big brother Finley he is the one clapping the loudest and I can’t tell you how much we love that.

He’s an incredibly loyal friend as well and is genuinely happy for others when good stuff happens to them…a quality that our society struggles with. We pray he never changes.

He loves projects like mini society at school and is a great collector of treasures much like his little brother and he definitely got his dad’s taste in music. There is a long list of his favorite Garth Brooks songs in his bedroom.

He has a new found love of seafood and his favorite things to eat are my shrimp fettuccine alfredo and brussel sprouts. His favorite dessert of choice would definitely be sherbert ice cream.

His favorite place is also home, he loves to fish off our dock and have friends or cousins over to go on adventures in the forest, fish or play in the barn.

We could not be more proud of this little boy! He is such a sweet soul and our lives are better because he’s in it.

Some baby pictures of my sweet boy!

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