Easter Shenanigans 2021: April 4, 2021

This Easter certainly looked different from last years Easter. Last year I made the kids get dressed up to watch mass in our family room. This year I still had to force them to dress up, but we actually got to attend mass. I have to say, I enjoyed this Easter more going to in person mass.

We hosted Easter at our house so we had a full house of humans to feed and entertain. Thank the good LORD for the weather as it allowed the kids to play outside and have the very best time with their cousins.

If there is one thing I love most about holidays it’s all the special time the kids get with their cousins. I cannot imagine a better way to grow up then getting into shenanigans with your first friends.

The pictures will tell the story of our day far better than I could so here it goes…

Everyone all dressed up with an actual place to go this year! Yay!

The actual Easter festivities started with the annual Easter egg dying contest. It was the same as it has been all our previous years. Cooper and Fletcher dye as may eggs as possible in the quickest format possible. Finley meticulously makes his Michael Jordan and Jayhawk eggs, as well as a few eggs with his favorite jersey numbers and Fiona tries to make some kind of crazy concoction of color. Then Ellen takes her time carefully crafting each egg into an artistic masterpiece. I think if I let her, she’d sit there all day decorating eggs.

Slow and steady for Finley Joe on the egg dying extravaganza. He only had one at this point…his Chicago Bulls egg!

After a day of sporting events in the crazy wind, goals scored by both girls and this Easter egg hunting goodness it was early to bed to prepare for the Easter Bunny’s visit.

That darn bunny left a big mess….

We needed to get a church photo but there are so many of us we hid the pretty backdrop. Oh well, at least we got a photo of all of us together!

If there is anything better than seeing kids explore outdoors I am not sure what it is. They find their sense of adventure there, they overcome obstacles, problem solve and learn they can do new and interesting things. It’s truly magic in the making. I’m just glad I was along for the ride (even though they did want to go alone).

Overall it was an awesome weekend full of family, delicious food and beautiful weather.

Happy Easter!



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