Corona Virus Day #365: Finley’s Quarantine Break Down: Thursday, March 25, 2021:

Once again life struck and I was unable to get this done for our remaining children. Tonight it was the attack of the palate expander. Fiona had some asparagus stuck up there and after many attempts to get it out using all the orthodontic tools at our disposal we had to resort to a pair of tweezers. I only wish we had tried it earlier. Goodness that asparagus was stuck in there pretty good! Also, I had some flashbacks to my own palate expander days and I didn’t enjoy it.

So after these shenanigans I was only able to chat with Finley Joseph tonight.

Finley’s favorite part of lockdown is that “we got to play a lot with our family and do a lot of fun things.”

Some of the most fun things Finley recalled enjoying most were playing basketball (no surprise there) or really any sport we played, fishing, playing with our cousins, making dinners with mom and watching movies!

My favorite things we did were going to the river and climbing trees. This was a perfect opportunity for Finley to recall the time he climbed the giant tree over the river and scaled down it. It was a pretty awesome day, I’d have to agree! He kept saying “I always like playing sports so any sport we played was awesome and I liked seeing our cousins a lot! The times we went to the lake were pretty awesome too! Greg and Elainey’s jet ski was definitely my favorite part.”

“Does getting Gigi count as a corona virus activity mom?”

“Yes, buddy, of course…” I replied.

“Then definitely getting Gigi, she’s crazy!”

Finley’s favorite new meal we made was the cauliflower pizza. “That was super cool.”

“My favorite sweet treat is always brownies. I liked the crazy jello you made too!”

“Oh…and making s’mores by the fire and playing trivial pursuit as a family was always fun.”

Finley said that being schooled at home was hard because you only got to see your friends on a computer screen and you didn’t get to talk to them. He said “I’m really happy to be at school now because I get to see my friends. It was nice at home because we got to play more during the day. That was the best part and super fun.” This seems to be the consensus in our house…home school = more time to play!

When I asked him if he ever felt scared he said “I wasn’t scared during that time. I just didn’t want anyone I know to get Corona virus.”

When I asked him if he had any final thoughts he shook his head and said “we had a lot of fun in quarantine and I liked it!”

I find children’s perspective so incredible. All of them (so far) have talked about it being a fun time and not being at all scared. I know for many of the adults I talked to they felt many emotions during that time. Fear was definitely one of them. Not necessarily fear of the virus but fear of losing their job or fear of losing someone they love, fear of the uncertainty. Yet, here, our children describe this time as a wonderful experience with their family.

I suppose that’s a good sign. We made our kids feel safe during a crazy and uncertain time.

I look forward to hearing what the girls have to say.

Here are a few of Finley’s highlights!


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