Corona Virus Quarantine Day #364: Cooper’s Corona Break down: Wednesday, March 24, 2021:

So I had this vision of getting all the kids answers for this in one day…then reality hits. We are busy. There is not one day this week I’m not shuffling someone to a practice somewhere. Getting 20 quiet minutes with them alone to chat is not my reality right now. So I may have to go past 365 days…no worries, eventually I’ll get there.

Cooper also had a lot of fond memories of our time in quarantine/lock down. His answers kept coming back to a lot of time with his family…which one, doesn’t surprise me, and two, makes me heart melt.

Cooper also talked a lot about how school was awesome because they could get their work done and then they had more time to play. When I questioned him on whether or not he liked being in “real” school now after experiencing that he immediately said yes. “Being in real school means we see our friends,” he said. “I just liked when we were home that it didn’t take all day and we could do so many other things.”

This is one thing I have to say I agree with 100%. The school day is long for these kids (and their teachers :). I wish they could get out at 1pm so that they could have all their practices and activities right after school and be done and home with their families no later than 5pm. I realize the multitude of issues with this concept like working parents struggling with this system and people who coach said activities having jobs that wouldn’t allow them to be done at 2 to coach 4th grade basketball. I know it’s a long shot…it just seems like school is such a long day for littles and this is coming from a teacher. But a girl can dream!

Cooper’s highlight activities were “being at home more and seeing our family more.” He also like going on hikes to the river, spending time with his cousins, swimming at Hunter and Logan’s, swimming in the pond and playing sports all the time with his family.

His favorite new meal was chicken fajitas and the fettuccine shrimp alfredo dish we sampled and when I asked him his favorite sweet treat I think he listed every single one we tried with the exception of the jello. He was not a fan of the jello.

He really wants the masks to go away and he does NOT want to get a shot. “Mom, shots scare me.”

Cooper said he never felt afraid when we were in lockdown because he was just happy being at home with his family (sigh). He said he only ever felt scared that Gaga would get sick (another sigh…I swear this kids heart is so sweet).

As far as what he didn’t like it was mostly that he didn’t get to see his friends and play with them (“like at recess”). Oh, the important things in life when you are a 10 year old boy. He also didn’t like that we couldn’t go to restaurants.

All in all Cooper felt the lock down was “fun” and he has a lot of fond memories of the time we spent together as a family.

Some Cooper highlights below…


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