Corona Virus Quarantine Day #360: Vaccines, vomit and March Madness: Saturday, March 20, 2021:

The vacation hangover continues. Today Finley Joe woke up with a tummy ache. He had a good 8 hours of projectile vomiting and rallied like a boss. He’s a tough nut.

In between cooking meals, cleaning vomit and getting some much needed work done, I got my second Covid shot today. Grateful to all the health care workers and volunteers who made the experience incredibly easy and quick.

This weekend I was reflecting on how hard this year has been for so many reasons. Health care providers and first responders are hero’s…period. Teachers are too. Just had to get that off my chest. I feel better now. A huge thank you to all I know that have been in the trenches working their tails off. You rock. I see you.

Bryan did a lot of work outside and even got a little help from the kids and our youngest child is overtired and really enjoys pushing my buttons. So that’s fun.

As of right now Fletcher is winning our family March Madness bracket because he picked all kinds of upsets like North Texas, Ohio, Rutgers, Oregon State! He did however pick Michael Jordan’s team and “zaga” aka Gonzaga in the finals.

When he learned Michael Jordan’s team lost by 20 in the first round he said “well if Michael Jordan still played for him they’d totally win.”

This child.

He desperately needs a haircut. He’s insane.

The other kids are currently salty that they are losing to their 5 year old brother.

The thing that turned Finley’s day around was the Jayhawks win!



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