Corona Virus Quarantine Day #358: Cation Hangover: Thursday, March 18, 2021:

Recovering from vacation is always a challenge, even when you have had a lot of fun. In my infinite wisdom I scheduled orthodontist appointments for 3 of my 5 this morning…that was not my best move. It’s just so hard to get appointments that don’t require them to miss school and with 3 (soon 4) kids in braces at the same time it’s an even bigger challenge. The people that work there are going to become my friends soon…seriously. Thankfully Ellen wasn’t one of the children I had to take to an appointment because this girl slept until 11am. A first in our house…but given the day she had prior, it makes sense and I’m so glad. She was her smiling and talkative self today! Thank GOD!

Cooper simply had to get a new wire, so his appointment was easy. Fiona was getting her key for her palate expander…FUN! Poor Finley was getting his 2nd and final set of braces. He’s such a tough nut and didn’t even blink an eye. He’s pretty cute too.

The after…like I said…he’s pretty handsome!

Goodness it was a busy morning. Sadly, I had to blast them out of bed to get to the appointment on time. I wonder how long they would have slept otherwise?

Fletcher even slept until 10. This child is always up by 6:45, so even though I wasn’t home to enjoy it, I’m grateful he got some rest. He even said to Bryan when he got out of bed “I have so much more energy.” That turned out to be true. He got into all kinds of shenanigans today, including making a robot out of my colander…so good times!

The rest of the day involved doing laundry and reorganizing some things. It was a much busier than I would have liked it to be kind of day…but that’s the trouble with travel, you just come home to stuff that needs to be done.

The kids were happy to get back to the barn today, that’s for sure.

Work aside, I sure am happy to be home.



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