Corona Virus Quarantine Day #357: Travel Day from Hell: March, 17, 2021:

First, let me say Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Can’t say the Dorsey’s did any celebrating but we did just get home from a vacation. That was the reason for my absence. I did blog while I was gone just didn’t post it to FB as I hear it’s not smart to alert people to our travel schedule!

I’m gonna keep it short and sweet tonight as I’m completely spent. Every second of our “cation” was jammed packed and full of crazy excitement. Today, however, was not a good time.

It started with both Ellen and myself having some stomach issues. Ellen far more than me. The poor girl was up at about 3:30 in the morning vomiting. Everywhere.

She did this on and off all night. Bryan’s convinced it was elevation sickness, I hope he’s right.

To make a very long day and story short…Ellen is a total and complete badass. She didn’t complain one time. She didn’t even cry until we landed in Kansas City, I think out of sheer joy that we were almost near the finish line.

She barfed in bags all day. She even barfed a little on the airport floor…that was special.

Whenever you asked her if she was ok, she smiled and said “yes, I’m fine.” For the record, she was far from fine. She endured a 10 hour travel day while feeling like complete and total crap.

I’ve never been more excited to see my house, my shower and my bed in my entire life.

Ellen has showered and is now sound asleep. Our Ellen. The toughest kid in town. Goodness. If only everyone was as tough as she is…

Praying she wakes up her happy and talkative self in the morning.

I’m grateful we got to get away and spend such quality time as a family….but I’m so glad to be home safe and sound to our Gaga, our dogs and our home.

Thanks be to GOD!



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