Corona Virus Quarantine Day #356: Grand Canyon Goodness: March 16, 2021

Today we ventured out of Williams on Route 66 to see the Grand Canyon. The drive alone was beautiful but there aren’t really words to describe the canyon. It’s truly unbelievable.

Sadly, it was again cold. We woke up to about 5 inches of snow and going up in elevation didn’t help the temps. But, in true form for this trip we made the best of it.

We were able to walk a couple of miles along the South Rim and then did a scenic drive where we hopped in and out of the car.

The kids really liked it but it makes you pretty nervous with small children and all the places you could fall.

Bryan and I marveled at how crazy people were in climbing out on the rocks covered in snow. It’s really incredible more people don’t fall there every year as there is literally nothing between you and the rocks.

There are a couple of overlooks that have a railing but for the most part you just walk along a path right next to the edge.

We took a lot of photos…so here is our photo dump from the Grand Canyon!

Just amazing.

When we left the Canyon we went back to Williams and had a delicious dinner. Then we stopped at the diner where we had breakfast to get a few of their specialty pies for dessert.

When we got to our glamping camper there were some kids outside playing in the snow so we joined them for a little while too!

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