Corona Virus Quarantine Day #355: Sedona Red Rocks: March 15, 2021

Well, part two of our adventure started today. After spending our morning in our hotel pool and hot tub so mommy could pack, we packed up the car and headed into Sedona.

Sedona is gorgeous. We had an absolute blast.

We started our first short hike to this incredible church. It was amazing. The church was built by a woman in the 1950s and it’s truly breathtaking. There is an incredible crucifix and if you stand in a certain part of the church it appears that Jesus is just staring at you.

The most incredible part of this experience was this man just started to sing…beautifully I might add. At first everyone thought it was a recording, Finley even asked me who was playing the song. It didn’t take long to realize that the man standing just feet from us was singing. You guys. It. Was. Amazing.

His voice was breathtaking and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Just take a quick listen to a snippet. Also, I love this song. The kids were super impressed.

The church also had the most incredible picture of Mary. I love Mary and have always prayed to her for her intercession. I have never seen her depicted this way. I learned that the artist who painted it asked the church if he could gift it to them because he loved their church so much.

I loved this painting and the story behind it.

From here we stopped for a small treat and then headed to our Pink Jeep tour. It was such a cool experience. The kids loved it. Fletcher especially loved the parts where I was terrified. There were a lot of giggles and we learned a few things about geology.

Crazy people.
All I can say is heck no! The handler kept trying to get me to hold it because it matched my hair. Ummm, hard pass, but thanks. I should also mention that this same man let this snake crawl on his face.

It’s been another incredibly full and fun day. After we got off our Jeep tour we headed to Williams. Here we are staying in a trailer. Yes, that’s right, a trailer. All 7 of us. It’s important to note also, that it’s snowing. Tomorrow we are going to drive to the Grand Canyon, hopefully, not in 7 inches of snow.

Should be another fun and full day in Arizona for the Dorsey’s!




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