Corona Virus Quarantine Day #354: Sunshine and Baseball: March 14, 2021:

We finally got some bright sunshine on our trip for warmer weather. It was amazing.

Believe it or not my sister and her family planned a trip to Arizona over spring break as well. We didn’t realize we were both planning it until sitting at a basketball game a few weeks ago.

So today was the day that our vacation plans crossed paths. Our hotels were literally 2 minutes apart and we all had tickets to the Royals vs Dodgers spring baseball game. It was awesome.

So we planned to swim all day and watch baseball all night. Jen’s hotel has some fancy pools and a lazy river so we headed there brig and early to get our swim on. While the sun was out, it wasn’t exactly super warm. Kids are much tougher than us adults. I did put my suit on but did not brave the water. In fairness, neither did anyone else.

The kids however, swam for five hours non stop. They found ways to manipulate the slide to make it faster and chased each other in the lazy river.

We ate at an amazing Mexican restaurant after swimming and then headed to the Dodgers Spring Training field to see our hometown KC Royals.

Fletcher made friends with our waiter and even colored him a picture which he hung up on the restaurant wall. Here he made us table side guacamole, which the kids found very cool and extra delicious.

The spring training experience was a little different because of Covid. They spray painted rectangles in the grass in the outfield to help social distance everyone and there were very few people in the actual stands.

But…it was amazing to do something normal like watch a Major League Baseball game in a stadium. It was pretty cool.

Had to get this photo for Grandpa Joe, the White Sox fan!

Overall it was a pretty exciting game. There were three home runs hit, one of them a grand slam. We saw a broken bat, a pitcher barely dodge being hit by a ball and some obnoxious fans. It felt normal. Thank the good LORD.

I love to listen to Bryan explain all the little details of the game to the kids. I also love their questions.

The kids were gassed when we left the ball park from having yet another very full day on cation. Tomorrow we leave Phoenix for Sedona and more adventures to come.

This guy was next level tired…but not too tired to make his tent that he insists on sleeping in. He was out cold in seconds.

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