Corona Virus Quarantine Day #353: Rock Climbing and Saddling Up! Saturday, March 13, 2021:

Well, it’s been another full day. The kids have had a lot of fun exploring Phoenix…just wish it was a bit warmer. Goodness. It’s cold.

We started the day with a day out at the first ever breakfast joint, or at least that’s what we told the kids. Good times. They loved it. Cinnamon roll pancakes and red velvet waffles for the win.

From there we went for a hike. We found a family friendly mountain that wouldn’t give us a total heart attack hiking with Cooper and Fletcher who are basically the same person. They have absolutely no fear and it’s terrifying. See that sign there that says “stay on the path, climbing rocks is only for experienced climber?” Yep, I alerted them to it repeatedly but it didn’t stop them from climbing the rocks. Sweet Mother. It made me nervous. Finley, our child afraid of heights, handled it like a boss but definitely walked very carefully when we were at the edge of a cliff.

We had an absolute blast. I’m very grateful that our kids love the outdoors. We “hike” a lot at home but this is a different kind of hiking. It was awesome. I could do it everyday but for a little less stress I’d probably leave the kids at home.

Also, I’ve never taken so many pictures of people and rocks!

Finley vs rock. Finley prevails.
Finley and his horse Bear!
Fiona and her horse Ruby Grapefruit! Her horse was a bit chubby and a little slow.
Ellen’s and her horse Delta! My horse Vegas apparently had a large crush on Delta. He wouldn’t leave her side or stop sniffing her butt.
Cooper and Casper made a great pair.
Fletcher and his horse Teddy.
Daddy and his horse Winston!

After all of this these crazy kids still had time for swimming. I have no idea how. I sat and watched comfortably with two pairs of pants on and three sweaters! Then I sat by an enormous fire pit which made it all the better.



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