Corona Virus Quarantine Day #351: Pet Peeve: Thursday, March 11, 2021:

I recently asked my students what their pet peeves were…the answers were hilarious.

Some of the common answers were: slow walkers (especially in the hall), people who drive slow in the left lane, people who chew with their mouth wide open, snot snorters and people who asks obvious questions.

There were a few answers I hadn’t heard before like when a sibling entered your room and doesn’t close the door all the way on the way out.

So it got me thinking…what is my biggest pet peeve. I’d say it’s fair to say I have a few. I too, am not a fan of people who snort their snot. It makes me gag. I really strongly dislike the word “moist” and I think liars and lazy people (for example, people who don’t return shopping carts to their corral…ugh) are among the most foul. However, I think today, I answered the question of what my biggest pet peeve is…

Brace yourself. It’s gross.

I spent a fair amount of time today out and about, which meant I had to use public restrooms more than I’d normally would. I’ve never been a fan and I avoid them if I can but the excessive water I consume and the having 5 kids thing has made that more of a challenge these days.

So here it goes…First, I hate automatic flushers. In full disclosure I don’t ever sit on a public toilet seat…I squat but these darn things always flush too early. It grosses me out. Secondly, I really dislike when people pee all over a seat and don’t wipe it off leaving it there for the next person. I mean, how inconsiderate of a human being are you to do this? It’s disgusting and clearly demonstrates a persons inability to think of others. I want out of that public restroom faster than anyone else too, but dang, if I pee on the seat, I wipe it off.

I decided it would be fun to ask the kids the same question…I really only got responses from the girls. The boys are apparently still thinking about it m, so stay tuned.

Ellen said her pet peeve is playing with sports with people who don’t try.

Fiona responded with a very loud “same Ellen.” So I guess that’s that.

Can’t say I’m surprised be either girls answers.

Bryan’s let peeve is lazy people, so clearly we were meant to be married.

Fletcher doesn’t really understand pet peeves but I’m pretty sure it’s when he doesn’t get what he wants.

As for Finley and Cooper, they are both pretty laid back human beings so I believe then when they say they don’t know!

I say, give it time, you will figure it out at some point.

What’s your pet peeve?



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