Corona Virus Quarantine Day #350: Idol: Wednesday, March 10, 2021:

I was an original Idol watcher. I loved Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson! I even voted in the beginning. I remember the first co host who didn’t make it and the start of the Ryan Seacrest era right along with his frosted tips.

It was always a surprise what would come out of Simon’s mouth and Paula Abdul could always be counted on to say “it was pitchy.”

Somewhere along the line I just stopped watching. Mostly, life happened and I didn’t have time.

But now…the kids love music too and we have started watching as a family. Wednesday nights. It’s my new favorite night. I have missed Idol.

The kids like the crazy singers who do silly things but I’m in it for the stories about overcoming obstacles and the really good singers.

I’m also in it for Lionel Richie. Could he be any sweeter?

I liked his music when I was a kid, still do…but I like him even more after watching him on this show. He cries, he inspires, when he tells someone no, he does it so gently and damn…he can still sing.

Today, he sang endless love with a contestant and his voice still sounded like butter.

Goodness, he’s a gem and he’s awesome.

If you like music, good singers and some good old fashion entertainment…check it out.

Lionel will not disappoint.



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