Corona Virus Quarantine Day #341: A few updates: Monday, March 1, 2021:

So…I wanted to give it a few days to see how it went…but this Saturday, I got my first Corona virus vaccination. To say that it felt a bit surreal would be an understatement.

I spoke with my doctor about it and she encouraged me that it was safe, would be effective and that I should have no concerns in taking it.

I don’t know that I was really that worried about it, but it still felt like a big move and her reassurances helped. Also, my mom hasn’t even gotten her first dose yet (which seems insane)! Thankfully she goes to get hers tomorrow.

I think we can all agree with this entire pandemic that fear has reigned supreme. A large portion of the media has done nothing but perpetuate this fear that has kept many kids out of in person school for nearly a year and kept a lot of places homebound for months.

I can admit that at times I was fearful, mostly for my moms health.

But getting the vaccine meant putting faith ahead of fear…something I admittedly struggle with. I had no side effects at all from the first shot. My arm wasn’t even sore other than if I pushed on the spot it went in.

The vaccination process was incredibly smooth and fast. I even saw a colleague and friend there which made it all the more pleasant.

I go back in three weeks to get my second dose and I hope that this is a step for our country in putting this, at least a little, in the rear view mirror.

When we got home from school we spent an hour or so in the barn playing. I got to play volleyball with the girls, which was awesome.

I’m other life updates, our cat Cutie Pie and our son Cooper joined forces today to kill a mouse. If only we had a camera going at all hours of the day in our home…we’d definitely win America’s Funniest Home videos. Last night Emmanuel though he saw a mouse run into our pantry, I was hoping he was wrong. When I noticed Cutie Pie hanging in the pantry most of the day I knew he was right.

Once the kids got home from school Gaga was moving things off the floor in the pantry and the mouse ran out. I heard Fiona scream and as I turned the corner I saw Cooper hit the injured mouse with a role of paper towels. I’m pretty sure if memory serves that he then attempted to pick it up with his bare hands. Of course we stopped him from doing that. Good LORD I had a mild panic attack. I hate mice. It was a hot sizzling mess but thank GOD the mouse is a goner.

The boys had a basketball game tonight so myself and the other kids had a small dance party and then Fletcher asked me to snuggle…a rarity these days. So all and all it was a pretty good day!

The kids recently discovered this song…a song two former players, Emily Tripp and Jenna Gray used to torture me with. It makes me smile every time they request to hear it, which is everyday!



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