Corona Virus Quarantine Day #339: It’s a Sunshine Day: Saturday, February 27, 2021:

Thank the good LORD, it’s warming up. Praise GOD.

I cannot tell you how good the sun is for the soul or at least mine.

We spent a lot of time in a gym but the time we weren’t in a gym we were outside and it was glorious.

We played hockey, cleaned the barn, dug in the dirt and went on a hike. It was amazing.

Dirt digging.

Finally, can I celebrate the fact that our youngest child who is incredibly independent and very much makes it clear he doesn’t need my help ever, especially his mommy, was all about his mommy today. He even snuggled me during our movie night. Yay! It was definitely the highlight of my day.


Can’t see me but there is my snuggle bug.

It was a good day!



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