Corona Virus Quarantine Day #337: “Your Child is…” Thursday, February 25, 2021:

Today I had parent teacher conferences at my own school. Last week I went to conferences (via zoom of course) at our kids school. I just want to point out a few things I’m reminded of each year, but these reminders somehow seem more important now for some reason.

Parents go to conferences for one of two reasons from year to year. First reason, is their kid is struggling and they want to learn more about the teacher, class and ultimately how they can help their kids be more successful. The second reason is that their kid has a 99% and they want to hear for themselves that their kid is doing well.

While, I’ll admit to occasionally dreading conferences (as a teacher), I always walk away from them happy I had the opportunity to meet with these folks.

Parenting is the hardest job in America…I cannot say that enough. Sometimes, it’s nice to hear, or be reminded, that you are doing a good job raising your kids. It’s also nice to be reminded that as a parent I have partners in doing it at their school. What a blessing to have someone else looking out for and looking for the good in our kids.

Whenever I talk to a parent, whether this kid is an A+ student or not, I find something positive to tell them about their kid. Anyone who is a parent knows the goodness in their own children and they long for others to see it too. Kids can be given self confidence from their own families but when other people see their talents and gifts and share it with them and also their parents, it helps their confidence grow exponentially. It’s really something special.

While I sat in conferences (via zoom) a friend texted me something her son had said about one of my kids at dinner. She wanted to share with me that her son thought our child was exceptionally kind. While, as a mom, who is undoubtedly biased, I believe this to be true, but it’s so nice to hear it from an unbiased source that gains absolutely nothing by telling me. Whatever motivated her to reach out to me I don’t know, but it was pretty awesome of her to do it. This particular child needed this today too, something I know this friend didn’t know, but I know in sharing it with said child it will make them smile and grow in self love…and this fills me heart!

So, all of this got me thinking…as a parent and teacher, I could do a better job of this. I am working on writing my “I see you” notes each day to people that I see doing awesome, everyday things…but I could also write notes, or in this case, emails, to parents of students that I teach. I could shoot them a quick email letting them know I appreciate their child because, let’s face it, we parents could use a reminder from time to time that we aren’t completely screwing up!

So tonight, I am leaving conferences super excited to do this. I already sent my first email out tonight.

I saw this today and it really fits here. I am grateful that a friend reached out to try to do that in my world today. My goal is always to do this for others, there is nothing quite as satisfying or fulfilling as knowing you made a difference in someone else’s life. Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone lived their life this way? #humbleisawesome #beadifferencemaker



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