Corona Virus Quarantine Day #336: Lunch Among Friends! Wednesday, February 24, 2021:

I’m incredibly grateful that I got the chance today to have lunch with some of my favorite buddies.

Not the ones you are thinking of, these ones were just a lot younger and a bit shorter.

I helped in the lunch room and it was a blast. I got hugs from my nephews and my kids.

By far the best part we’re the questions and comments.

“Who are you?”

“Why are you here?”

“You are tall.”

“Are you Alex’s mom?” They then pointed at Alex who was a red haired 2nd grader. Nope he’s not mine.

“Are you Logan’s mom?” Logan is my nephew. When I told this young man I was not his mom but his aunt he had a few follow up questions. “Excuse me is his mom your friend?” Well, yes she’s my friend and my sister. “Are you twins?” Nope not twins. “Well I thought you were her but with different hair.

Adorable. This poor boy was so confused.

“Excuse me do you coach volleyball at St James?” Yes, yes I do. “I thought so. I’m coming to your volleyball camp this summer.” This led to a nice conversation with a sweet 2nd grade girl.

“Who’s mommy are you?” I proceed to tell them my kids names. “Oh I know them, do you like pizza?” I do like pizza.

I even got to go out to recess and play soccer.

It was amazing. Everyone should spend a random day with little kids. They are so much fun and have the best questions and the most inquisitive little minds. It’s amazing.

I couldn’t stop smiling.

I’m so incredibly grateful our kids are in school and I’m so thankful for their teachers. Their entire day is filled with questions just like the ones I received at lunch. They get few breaks and have to do things like stand in the freezing cold watching kids run like crazy people all across the playground. And they must also teach them things…important things.

During this whole thing we went from no school to online school to in person school and it’s all been crazy. But our kids are so blessed to have been able to go to school in person. It’s hard to believe that in places like California they have not been in school for almost a year.

The best part of my day for sure. Me and Logey, who had just gotten up from his seat to give me a hug. I hope these humans never get too cool for hugs.

If I know one thing for sure from being in my kids school or from teaching my own kids, kids belong in school.

It was a fun day and one I won’t soon forget.



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