Corona Virus Quarantine Day #335: If I had a Billion Dollars: Tuesday, February 23, 2021:

Do you ever think about what you’d do if you won the lottery? No? Just me?

Well I think about it at times. Of course, to win, I’d actually have to play. I may need to get on that.

Nevertheless, it’s fun to think about silly things during heavy times. So we lightened the mood on the way to school today with a silly check in question. I then asked my students the same question. In years past it would have been a million dollars, but we may as well dream big and wish for a billion instead.

So when I asked the kids what they would do diferently if they had a billion dollars this is what they said…

Finley: I’d buy a sports team, like the Bulls or the Chiefs and have homes in cool places to visit. I’d also get a pool.

Cooper: I’d build a mansion and have a plane to take me wherever I wanted to go.

Ellen: I’d travel, by a zoo and have my own room.

Fletcher: I’d build a zipline from our house to the pond. I’d have a gorilla and whole bunch of lizards too.

Fiona: I’d put a stadium in my backyard to play football and soccer and all the outdoor sports. I’m with Finley, I’d want a pool too.

Bryan: I’d get a chef for Nancy, I’d pay off our house, buy a vacation home and build a sports complex at St James so I could run multi sport camps out of it.

Mommy: I would have a chef and a live in maid so I never had to cook or clean ever again.

Some of the answers I got from my students were fun too! Here are a few highlights:

I would invest 50% of it, tithe 10% of it and use the rest to travel and go to college.

I would buy an auditorium for St. James Academy.

I would build a music studio in my house.

I would buy several planes so I could go wherever I want whenever I want.

It was a fun and silly check in question for both my biological kids and my school kids!

What would you do with a billion dollars?



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