Corona Virus Quarantine Day #333: Sunday Funday: Sunday, February 21, 2021:

Today was a beautiful day.

I am so grateful to have spent my day doing some of my favorite things with my favorite people.

Our morning started with basketball practice for both Ellen and the boys. Goodness gracious I love to be involved in youth sports. I love to watch them grow in confidence and skill…it’s one of my most favorite things ever.

After that we went out to breakfast with my sister and her family and Gaga for her birthday, because you can’t stop celebrating the great Gaga.

After that we came home and did homework, studied for tests, made lunches and then played board games. Fletcher beat me in “Life” and Fiona beat everyone in Connect Four. It’s crazy how good Fiona is at this game. She has strategies and everything. I’m sad to say that she can beat me on the regular. The boys played Trivial Pursuit and giggled themselves silly. We just all sat on the floor or at the kitchen table playing games for a long while. The fire roared…it was glorious.

When we tired of that the kids all went into the basement together and Bryan and I stayed upstairs getting dinner ready and talking. We could hear the kids laughing and giggling together and it was magical.

We are so grateful that they can play together and get along without us being there to supervise every single second of it. That’s truly the goal, the create life long friendships for these kiddos. I am so hopeful they will remain friends forever and always find time to laugh and giggle together. Family is so important.

I finished the night on a call with some volleyball coaches across the state talking about how we can change our sport in the state for the better, some changes we’ve worked really hard on and are very excited about. I topped the night off praying with my favorite people, doing a little yoga and hanging with my hubby.

It was a simple day, but beautiful in so many ways. I’m grateful.

A friend of mine shared this with me after a particularly rough day last week. I am so grateful to this beautiful person that took time to send this to me to lift my spirits. Today, while just a pretty normal Sunday, was a glorious reminder to enjoy the little things and to enjoy exactly where you are meant to be right now. Today, we did just that.



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